Motivation Monday - Daily Schedules

This week's Monday Motivation is all about Daily Schedules! 

If you missed the last few weeks, you can click below to get caught up.

Oh, My, Lanta.

Daily Schedules. This is something that I feel like I JUST can't seem to make it work year to  year, even if my schedule does NOT change. Isn't it funny how the group of kids can really change you do things year to year?

I'm not sure what my schedule will be like next year (because I'm going BACK to 2nd grade next year!! woohoo!!), but I can show you what my schedule was like the last few years. (Wednesdays are different because they're early release.... and sometimes we had computer lab, etc...)

(you can grab this schedule freebie in THIS post)

We open our doors at 7:45, and students come trickling in until 8:00. At our school, it's been "a rule" that we stand at our door to greet the students (and sometimes parents that walk their kids) at the door... that way we start their day off with a smile! Even if it's not a rule, I really like to do it - there are times when I have things I have to get done during that time, but otherwise, I really like greeting my students at the door.

Since they're trickling in, I have a list of things for them to do while they wait for the late bell.

You can read more about Morning Buckets {HERE}, but next week's post is all about Morning Routines too!

Once the late bell rings, we then do our Calendar time and math board...

Then we moved into our Smart Time groups, which is our RTI groups.  I usually taught a phonics skill, usually CVC words or Blends. That was a 30 minute session...

Then we would move into our Reading Block. I always started with a quick phonics activity and then moved into our small groups. You can read more about those activities in THIS post. 

I teach whole group reading AFTER small groups, because I want to make sure I have all my time I need for small groups - it's my favorite part of the day and where most of my teaching in reading happens! 

You can read about what happens in my small group time HERE (it was last week's hot topic!).

THEN, we'll do our Whole group Reading. That's when I teach from the theme or author for the week. The activities vary from week to week depending what we're doing. 

Then we would go to lunch...super early, I know - but I was always HUNGRY by this point. lol.

Then we come back and do math - 

We'd start with our fact quizzes 

Then we would start in with our ICEE math, which is a great time for me to grade their quizzes. 

ICEE math can take a long time in the beginning of the year, but then it gets really quick because they really start knowing their strategies.
Then, after we finish this, we head into our whole group instruction for math.... usually on the rug.

Once I kind of saw who had it and who needed more time, I would start sending kids back to their seats to do their journal notebooks and centers, OR I would keep kids at my back table for more instruction on that days' lesson.  I would keep track of who "got it" and with a simple informal assessment checklist on an index card, and keep that for the next day to recheck them. 

(this was a true/false question)

Then we go to activity. We have 4 activities, but 2 days of PE, so we aren't on a rotations so we have the same activity on each day of the week, which is SO nice!

We'd come back and have snack while I did a read aloud from a chapter book...

Then we would start in on our writing for the week.

I would always start our writing with a Sentence Imitation. Read more about that HERE.

Then I would head into more of our guided writing for the week, whether it was a "research" writing or a narrative writing.

Then it was out to recess!! We get about 20 minutes for Recess, and then we head back in. 

I know it says that we did silent reading after recess, but I change our silent reading time to a part of our center rotation, so I used this time to turn off the lights (I have HUGE windows in my room to let the natural light in), turn on the calming music, and they got to work on their writing, craft, or any other work for about 10 minutes...then it was time to start getting ready to leave. Because we are such a large school and only K-2 (which means we have to move 750 5-8 year olds around the school in a safe and organized manner - ha!!), we have to start dismissing at 2:00/2:10. 

So, there it is - our day in a nutshell. It will probably change next year, with a totally different schedule and a new grade, but there's the "usuals."

Check out other bloggers' schedules - links below!


Kristin said...

WOW!! I want to be in your class!!
I can't believe the lack of recess you have compared to me . . . my schedule looks like we're always out of the classroom! Ha!! I'll be linking up shortly!

Amanda said...

I can't believe you have lunch at 10:30! That's soooo early! Can't wait to see what your schedule is like with second graders. :)

I've got my post up, just need to wait for the link up to open! Thanks for the motivation!

First Grade Garden

Jen R said...

Oops- Amanda! Is it working now? I picked the wrong start date/time!

Kelly Daniel said...

It’s so much fun to see how other teacher’s use their time with their kiddos! Although I find myself as a SAHM, I love keeping in touch with this teaching community - so thank you for hosting such an amazing resource and linkup!

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Traci Clausen said...

ICEE math! LOVE it!! Love Sentence Imitation, too! I'm so sad I missed this link up! You have such a fabulously fun classroom!!

Alane said...

What do you use for math journal notebooks- something in your tpt store?

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I love this schedule! I can't believe how early you have lunch.

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