ICEE Math for Word Problems

I want to  introduce you to something my teammate showed me last year.

It's called ICEE math. And I love it!

You know how some people do a problem of the day or W.O.W (Word problems on Wednesdays)... well, I was really struggling with it when I moved to 1st grade a few years ago. I just couldn't figure out my "groove" for it. Well, if I'm being honest, I couldn't figure out how to teach 1st grade math. lol. First grade math is HARD... I love teaching math, but it was HARD coming from 3rd to 2nd to 1st grade...BUT, I think I'm finally getting the hang of it..haha!

So, back to ICEE math....

We do it every day BUT Wednesdays... since those are our early release days.  I print up the cards (usually I type them all Monday during planning and get the ready for the week) and each day I pass them out. There are 10 boxes on a page.. and I always match it up to our theme for the week and I  use their names. They get so excited to see if it's their name for that day's problem!

It took a few days, but they know how to set it up pretty quickly - a plus sign and glue the word problem in the middle and label each box.

The "I" box is for illustrating - they have gotten SO good at drawing out the math problem!
"C" is for calculations - write out the math problem
"E" is for Extra - show it another way
 the other "E" is for explain - SUPER hard for 1st graders

I spent a long time doing it with them each day... and then I started to release it to them... it's so awesome to see how it just clicks for them!

now... for the calculation, I started having them put a box for the "unknown" part of the equation...because our district tests require them to put it..better to get them used it, I guess.

The extra box - sometimes we do number bonds, sometimes we do ten frames, it just depends. They have gotten really good at drawing a ten frame. 

I try to print it on bright colored paper, so that it pops more on the paper - the kids love it! buuuuut, sometimes I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off and I forget to put the color paper in the printer. haha.... oh well. 

Click below to grab your free poster.


Tall Tale of a Teacher! said...

I love this! What math curriculum do you guys use? Do you have your word problems on TPT?

Jen R said...

I don't use the math curriculum we have for our district :)
I don't have the word problems up yet, but I am working on a year's pack now. :)

Tall Tale of a Teacher! said...

Love hearing this! What do you use instead? I have been looking.

Jen R said...

I actually pull from a variety of resources. I follow my district's pacing guide and our state standards and just go that route. I don't really use just one resource... kind of pull ideas from here and there.

Paulina Cameron said...

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Joanna Taylor said...

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