First 3 Days of 1st Grade

Well, I finished up my first 3 days of First Grade! my 14th year!

I tell ya what, I think I'm getting the hang of this 1st grade gig!  haha... coming from a 3rd and 2nd grade mind set for 11 years, it has taken some time getting used to the beginning of the year in First Grade. But, by George, I think I got it! haha

Do you like my windows!? I LOVE the little signs in the windows! They make me happy every time I walk by them. I got the idea from Jodi's {bulletin board.}

And I have this little window next to the door... I love that window too!!  Although I have these wonderful windows, it's SUPER hard to take pictures because of the reflections, so they aren't the best, but hopefully you get the gist of it, right?? 

And I love my little Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree!

I was able to have it up and ready for {Meet the Teacher} day - which is actually, registration day... {Here} is my post I did a few years ago - basically things are set up the same, but the "To-Do" list is slightly different. 

Then it was Back to School!!

Day 1 was a complete blur! So many things to do - we did a few "meet new friends" activities, but we had to practice our dismissal changes and do a tour of the school...which we did after we read the gingerbread man book.

Annnd since it takes forever to learn how to line up and how to get called by groups....that was most of our day 1! haha

Day 2 was much more interesting!

We read No, David! and David Goes to School...

We made an anchor chart for ways that you can show how to be a good student...

One thing I figured out AFTER I did the anchor chart.... make the sentence choices BE the correct verbs and tenses because they can't figure out how to make the sentence make sense and change the words....oops! I forget what simple writers they are coming in! 

So I remade the anchor chart and rewrote the title and the suggestions so that the sentences would make sense when they put the two together. Oh well, teachers are always learning too, right!?

And I found {this} post that has a directed drawing, so they did their first drawing with me for the year!  They were so amazed at how they could draw....and I just love them!!

eek! so cute!!!

And we read another favorite, The Crayon Box that Talked

You can grab these crayons for free in my store {HERE}. 

We also started our Kevin Henkes "book study" (of sorts).   We started with Wemberly Worried.

I didn't get a chance to take pictures, but you can check out {THIS} post of what the craft comes out like and grab the {Freebie}.

That was Day 2.

Day 3, was even MORE fun!!  Who says the first day is always the most fun?? We get more fun as time goes on! ha!

On Day 3, we read How Do Dinosaurs Go to School

We did our first graph as a class - of how they go to school!

And then we did our recording sheet together...

Click {HERE} to download the freebie graphing activity!

THEN we talked about what the dinosaurs did once they were at the school....they wrote about it and then we did another directed drawing.  We used the directed drawing from this book...

This one might be my favorite one!!

Since I have my Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree in my window, of course I had to do something with it... I found {Deanna and Deedee's Science} pack that follows their Guiding Readers sets. I love it! So many fun things to do - and it was perfect for what I was looking for.

The coconut science "experiment."  

They kids loved passing around the coconut and shaking it!

Then we made our Coconut Tree snack! They may have said that First grade was the best! haha

And this is how we ended our first (half) week of First Grade - with big smiles! Gosh, doesn't this picture just make you smile!?

Monday, I'll be starting centers - eek! I'm all set up and ready! I'll be back to explain more on that!

You can see my other post I did on my First Days in First Grade {HERE}.


Teaching With Hope said...

I love the "First Grade Rocks" in your window! How did you make the letters?
I am also moving from 3rd to first after being in 3rd for 8 years :) Any tips for those first days? I am really trying to tell myself to relax and remember that there will probably be lots of crying. Eeeek.

Teaching With Hope

Unknown said...

Congratulations on surviving your first 3 days! I'm not back yet but this will be me soon enough! I love your crayons, your whole room looks amazing.

Keep up the great blog posts :)

joalderete said...

Thanks for the freebies. I teach second grade, but I still read No, David! BTW, I love your windows!

Unknown said...

First of all, let me say....WOW! Your classroom looks amazing. I honestly wish I was a first grader again. Thank you for taking the time to share your beautiful classroom and fabulous ideas.

Have a wonderful year!
Jen :)

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