Gold Medal Students

In our first full week of school, we talked about how to be a {Gold Medal Student}. It went perfectly with the Olympics that happened this summer. 

Check out my post I did on them {HERE}.

Then I had a thought.... why not do a "Gold Medal Student" award?!  How perfect would that be!? I must admit... I don't do "Student of the Week" in my room. I never have. We give out character awards during our awards ceremony each 9 weeks, but that's all I have done...

  But I felt like this was something that went with what we have talked about and it could mean something to them.

So I got these gold medals from {Oriental Trading - they have lots to choose from!}. 

I made these "awards" to give out to the students each week with the medals. 

I'm pretty excited about it!!

I don't do much after this though. haha... I take their picture and "frame" it and hang it on our window of fame. I don't send anything home for the family to do with it or anything. 

If you would like the Gold Medal Student award, click {HERE}.

Do you do something like this? I'd be interested to hear what you do!

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