All About Me Week

So this week, we did a LOT about "Me."   We did activities on their names, their number, and the way they can be the best they can be!

One of the packs I used this week was Deanna and Deedee's Science and Math pack that go along with their Guiding Readers sets. 

We did a lot of math with our names this week.... we weighed them...

We compared their height, with this super cute flower garden!

We also made our Tear Art Names - I always LOVE how they come out! I usually leave them hanging up all year, just because I love the colors!!

They did their Jersey's this week too. It is time for them (and me) to finally remember their number!

Check out {THIS} post to see what I use numbers for. 

And this is how I make them... I just trace and cut out the jerseys. We used to have a diecut pattern at my old school, which was much easier, but this school doesn't have it. Darn. 

To learn a little more about each other, we did our {Me Bags.} 

We're still not finished sharing the bags, but we're almost there! We only get to about 2 a day, so it takes about 2 weeks. Oy!

Halfway through the week, we switched gears a little and talked about how they can be "Gold Medal Students."

First, we read {Olympig} - it's such a cute story!

I actually didn't get the book in time, so I found a really good reading on YouTube for it {HERE}. 

And we brainstormed ideas on how they can be Gold Medal Students....

Then they wrote it out and did the craft using {Kelley's Caught Going for the Gold} pack.

I'm pretty in love with them!!

Then we made our theme snack for the week!

Olympic Torches!

It was so cute - they kept "Cheersing" each other as a group....and some were even "running around" as if they were the Olympic runner in the opening ceremony. 

Super easy and they loved it!

We've really been focusing on {handwriting} this week, too.

And since we were talking about handwriting, we talked about spaces for writing. I found this idea a few years ago, and the kids "eat it up" every year! (ha - I'm so punny!)

Our {memory books} are also in the works!

Right now I'm just keeping them in file folders until I get the books cut and bound together, and then we will go through and glue all the first week pages down.


Call me crazy, but I already started centers with them!  I started the first full week. I like to get them started so we can have some practice following the {powerpoint} before jumping in to our "real" routines and take up that time.

I used my guided reading time this week to do the {differentiated spelling tests}, to find everyone's spot in the list, so they can have their independent words on Monday with their first list of words.

I also did the {sight word} assessments. Some of my friends have already finished the whole 1st grade set! Wowwy!

Now that I got that ALL accomplished last week, I am pretty exhausted. haha! I might go veg out by the pool for a little bit.

Oh wait. We need food. Grocery store it is, then.


Mrs. Wheeler said...

That Olympics craft!!!!!!!!!!!! Obsessed. Wish I would have seen it sooner! Dang! Looks like you had a fun week!!!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Where did you find the jersey that you used? I use numbers in my classroom as well and love the idea of decorating jerseys the first week!

Jen R said...

Hi Ashley - at my old school we had a big shirt die-cut shape that I used, but now I just use one of those as a tracer, since we don't have that shape at this school.

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