Clifford Activities

I wanted to share what theme we are working on this week....

It is short o, so I wanted to do a "dog" theme (last week was short a, so we did a CAT theme).

Well, one of my favorite dogs, is Clifford, the Big Red Dog! I mean, who doesn't love him??

I finally finished my Clifford pack.... it's filled with all kinds of reading and writing activities to go along with the books - most books can be used with this pack.

There are 48 pages of FUN!

Here's what's included:

Folder Cover
Story Structure
Story Sequence
Describing Clifford
Character Trait
Compare and Contrast: sizes, stories, and pets
Opinion writing
Sentence Building
Writing - planning pages
Writing - recording pages
Clifford craft - a no-tracer craft

Here are some ways that you can use the craft, and previews of some of the writing activities. - you can do just the head....

or you can do the full body craft.

When I do the pet comparison activity, I try to have the students bring in a picture of their pet! Obviously, it's cuter when we can have a live comparison (love my Pete!), but alas, pictures will have to do. haha

Click the picture below to grab your copy. 


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