Back to School Sale

Can you believe it!? The Back to School sale is already here!!

Here are some things that I MUST have for my Back to School time.

Class Books!  Check out the post on it {HERE}.

Back to School centers {HERE}

August CCS centers, Literacy and Math - I have them for 1st and 2nd grade! You can see what's included {HERE} - and grab a free from the post too!

My calendar!! Where would I be without this for the WHOLE year?!  See more in {THIS} post and how I organize everything in {THIS} post.

Counting the Days with Ten Frames! See my post on them {HERE}

I will start getting them situated on their Individualized Spelling Lists - check out the post that explains it more {HERE}. There is a 1st grade and 2nd grade version.

I also have a non-differentiated spelling "program" for grades 1-3, but it still uses phonics and sight words as the base.

In the beginning of the year, we really focus on handwriting - so I use my Handwriting packs - I have D'Nealian and regular print version - and a version for number sense too!  Check out {THIS} post to see more about them.


Memory Books - I have them for PreK - 2nd grade.  Check out the end of the year finished book {HERE}

One of my favorite displays each month is the Family Projects! They turn out soooo cute!

A must-have if you are a Standards-based teacher (like I am), is the Common Core gradebook and "I Can" statements. Check out {THIS} post to see more of them and how I have them organized.   I have Kindergarten- 3rd grade!

My Guided Reading Bundle is a LIFE SAVER! Between keeping my GR documents organized and using the rotation timer for centers, my guided reading runs oh-so-smooth!

You can read ALL about how I do Small Groups in {THIS} post, if you want to check it out. 

I love using our Reading Logs for silent reading time, centers, and homework! See more in {THIS} post.  

One of the most used item is our Spelling Journals. We use them for EVERYTHING!  See them in the works in {THIS} post.

We use our Vocabulary Journals every week! See them in the works in {THIS} post.

Starting the year off with some {short vowel} activities

Math with Unifix Cubes - EASY math activities for the beginning of the year and then you can use them all year long, growing with skills!  Check out my post {HERE}

Another one of my go-to math packs is my Math with a Deck of Cards! I literally use decks of cards with math almost every week!  Check out my post  {HERE} on some activities I do and how I organize the centers.

Tasty Facts - Math Quizzes!  In 1st, I only do the addition and subtraction, and I usually start in October-ish.  When I taught 2nd and 3rd, I always used the multiplication and beyond version, too! Check out more in {THIS} post.

Pete the Cat is always one of my first ones to do! Check out my post {HERE}

One of the first Social Studies units I do is about Rules and Laws - goes perfectly with BTS! Check out {THIS} post for more.

Grab your FREE thematic Bookmarks HERE!

Check out {THIS} post to grab your free journal covers.

Grab your free poetry cover in {THIS} post.

Grab your FREE namtags in {THIS} post.

Make sure you head to THIS post to grab more freebies!

Head on over to my {TPT Store} to check out even more!  Don't forget to enter the code to get more of a discount!!

Happy Shopping and I hope you have a great year!!

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