August CCS Centers... FIRST Grade!

I spent a lot of June trying to get ready for next year...A busy beaver, I was.  I started in on my CCS center packs, but I started with FIRST grade! Yes, I will STILL be finishing up 2nd grade... I won't be deserting my 2nd grade friends!  I figured I'd go ahead and start sharing them since some of you go back in August. I know we do, but we go back a few weeks into August.  So first up, 1st Grade August centers!

These are meant to be review centers; skills that they've already been taught so that you can pull for small groups without worrying about "teaching" the skills in the centers!

There are different menus for you to choose from:
-Color menu that has all the common core standards on each center.
-Three different b/w center menus for students.

Each center has 2 different size Center Directions - 1/2 page and full page size. Some centers even have different versions of directions, depending on which set of directions you want to give to your students. This makes it easier or differentiating!

This literacy pack includes 15 common core aligned centers. Included in the 140 page Literacy pack:

Centers include:
Word Work:
Label a Picture
August Poem

Adjectives (matching)
Build a Sentence

Read and Illustrate
Sequencing - Main Idea and Details
Sight Words

Sentence Scramble
Stretch a Sentence
Be an Author

Spin-a-Word - Short A
Building Words - Short A
Word Families -ap and -at

Story Structure
Summarzing (SWBSF)
Summarizing with writing it out
Thematic Writing Paper
Problem and Solution
Evaluate the Story

I've also finished the MATH set!

Centers include:
Roll-a-Problem - Addition Problems(adding 1 and 2)
Fact Families
Balancing Act: Addition
Word Problems

Rolling Numbers
Spin-a-Number: Counting by 2s
Comparing 1-digit Numbers
Missing Numbers on a Hundreds Chart

Number Line
Decomposing Numbers
10 Frames
Number Recognition

MD and G:
NonStandard Measurement
Time to the Hour
Coin Recognition

OR you can get them as a BUNDLE and save some money!!

Check them out in my shops:

You can also download a freebie from the "Add-Ins" section

2nd Grade is also already in the shop!! I'll be back to talk about those tomorrow!

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