Keeping Track of the Days with Ten Frames

I finally finished my How Many Days board! 

I started with just the White and Black version... but after I got it up, I decided I didn't really like that. I'm a colorful person. I need it show. haha!

I even asked on my IG  and it was a unanimous decision... add color! 

So I came home and started tinkering with my cameo.  And this is what I came up with! 

If you have a cameo, it was super simple!

I just typed in the words - I used KG Blank Space Solid, but do whatever works for you.

I clicked on the offset button...and it made the "shadow" for the words...

I saved them as separate projects so I can go back in when I need to and then cut them out!

Now, I didn't HAVE to use my cameo. If you notice on the first picture, I had them printed out in black and cut them out so they had a white border...I could have just printed them on color paper and it would have the same effect....affect?? I don't know. I hate that word.

In my How Many Days pack, there are 3 different title versions you can choose to print...

So I went back the next day and added a black background with some lime green border and my colored title! I like it MUCH better.

I added some magnet tape to the back of the ten frames because I like to take them off and talk about them from time to time.

And I like to use Sticky Tack to put the counters on.  You can see the different counters I've put on so far.  There are a few versions for each month, so you can change it up or keep it the same for the whole month, up to you!

I also chose to use the ten frames that DON'T have the numbers on the ends so that we can practice counting and adding the ten frames up as we go!

There are a few different options of titles to use - print them in color!! Add some color to your life! haha!

There are also "counters" for the whole year and 2 different size ten frames to use whatever fits your space. I don't have a lot of space, so I use the "3 on a page" version. haha!

There are also some ten frames to print up for a classroom resource.

Check it out {HERE}


The Blossoming Classroom said...

I love this!! I was going to be using ten frames as part of calendar math this year and these are great! Tally marks were not cutting it AT ALL. I agree...color is better =)

Apple Blossoms

Christy said...

I was going to put stickers on my tens frame BUT I like your idea A.L.O.T. better! I just put it in my wishlist!
Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers

unknown said...
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unknown said...

Keeping track of the days with ten frames, complete working pattern is done on the page. What plans are better when we are doing more review work. Checking such ideas where we start to check working and more for the working are be showing the most.

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