Plans for Week 1

Last week, we had 3 days of school. I kind of wished I had a full week of back to school, that way I could doa  full week of fun BTS stuff. So this week, we're going to do another few days and then we'll get into the "real" reading plans.

So, anyway, here is what I'll be doing this a semi-visual sort of way.


Short A

For Phonics, I'm still "testing" to get everyone's starting point for my differentiated Spelling. (You can find out more about how I do that from {THIS} post).

Since I'm not finished finding their starting points, I'm not giving homework just yet, but we'll be doing some short A words and testing that skill.  So I'll be working in my {Real & Nonsense Packs}, as well as my {regular CVC short a pack}.


Pout Pout Goes to School

For Whole Group Reading, I'll be doing one of my new favorite books, {Pout Pout Goes to School}! I'm still using this week as a fun, Back to School week with books, so I'll spend a few days on Pout Pout and then move on to {Pete the Cat}! Love him!



This week, we'll be working on handwriting and writing sight word sentences. They will be showing me what they can do in terms of writing during our journal time during centers.


Number Decomposition

We're going to be working with numbers 6-10; decomposing them in all kinds of ways!  I actually have some things that I plan on doing, but I want to do them first before I share And we'll be playing some simple math games that I found while I start doing beginning of year assessments. I have them all printed, laminated, and ready to go! I got them from {THIS} post.  There are TONS of games on that site, good for beginning of year 1st Grade math games. I will be sure to be back to show you them in action later this week!


I am going to start centers this week! I know, call me crazy. But I do it every year this early, and it always seems to work itself out! I will be doing my running records, sight word tests, and other fun stuff during centers this week.  Here's a break down of my centers

We're still working on getting to know our new friends, so we'll be doing one of my favorite centers... Pocket Chart Names - getting to know our friends more! I printed up their pictures and glued them to sentence strips with their names on them. After the center, I will hang them on our Word Wall for a while. 

We'll be using {THIS} recording sheet. I'll have to go over it every day so they remember what goes on what lines, but they'll be able to do it.

Here are my centers for the week...

1. Pocket Chart Names (Freebie)
2. Word Work – Color Word Scramble (Cara's Write On Pack)
3. Listening – (Deedee's Listening Pack - Llama Llama)
4. Writing – (Lori's Write the Room - Classroom)
5. Sentences -  (August Centers - Label a Picture)

I use the center menu template that's in my guided reading pack to plan centers. 

They also have 5 journal prompts. I realize at this point in the year, they won't be able to write much, but I just want them to practice as much as they can ad get into the routine.  I will put out my word banks from my Writing with Rubrics and More pack to let them use during journal time.

Here's to a great week!! I'll be back to share how it's going :)


Chris Saunders said...

Thank you so much for leaving these amazing detailed posts with resources ( I love your resources!) Have a great week! Also so appreciate all your fun freebies you have been sharing! :) Chris

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