What Pet Should I Get - Writing Activity

So, yesterday I got a new book in the mail...I know, SHOCKER!

But as soon as I saw Dr. Seuss' new book, {What Pet Should I Get?} I just had to have it. 

Don't mind her hair - beach hair, don't care mentality goin' on in our house - ha!

So first I read the book to her and she was saying that she wanted ALL the animals. I mean, of course she does, right? Even the Yents and all the fun ones!

But then I pulled out the Pet Folder, Sight Words Folder, and printed out a writing page from my {Fun Themes Writing with Rubrics and More pack}

She sat down and started drawing.... a turtle?  Um. Ok. I get it. I love turtles too, but I totally thought she was going to write about something else. Ok.

And of course my little ar-teest didn't fail to amaze me and her drawing skills.

she used the Sight Words folder to help her spell "I" and "a" haha...that always makes me laugh. And she sounded out "want" as "wt" - hey, she heard the initial and final sound - I'm good with that! That's a hard word. It's not even in the first 100 Fry Words.

And then she started adding some details to her picture.  I just love that she loves to draw and color!

 I just love this book! It will become a staple in my room every year, for sure!

And just look at that writing...and she's going into Kindergarten this year! I'm pretty impressed.

And she's pretty proud of herself too!  

This was included in my {Fun Theme}, but I also have a {Back to School} and {Fall Theme} so far - or yo can get the {Bundle} and save!

Here's everything that's included in my Writing with Rubrics Packs:


The Brown-Bag Teacher said...

Your daughter is your twin! She's beautiful AND a fabulous writer. She's definitely kindergarten ready. :)

The Brown Bag Teacher

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