New Year's Linky!

It's a NEW YEAR!!

Everyone always makes a New Year's Resolution...

Some make more than one...

BUT, I like to keep it at one because, well, that way I can stay focused. lol

I wanted to share with you my New Year's Resolutions....

One for each:

personal AND blogging

My PERSONAL resolution is to get better at sending out cards...
not just birthday and Christmas, but just-because cards too.

I used to be SO good at this, and now I'm slacking....
I WILL get better at this again!!

And for my BLOGGING resolution???

To get better at leaving comments on blogs.

Another thing that I used to be SOOO good at!!

But time has just gotten away from me - but I will get back to doing it! 

I WILL get off google reader and leave more comments!

So tell me... what are YOUR resolutions??? 

Give me one of each!

And then come back and link up!!

Steal the pic below to post on your blog post!

Also - have you seen what's new on my facebook page??? 
It's a Fan ONLY freebie
I'm going to try and change it every week or so - so make sure you "like" me!!

also - here's a sneak peak on the pho-tog session we did with B the other day...

Are you tired of seeing pictures of B yet??? haha!!

Okie dokie - 

Now - come link up!!

It's Easy Peezy, Lemon Squeezy!!

Here's to a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my wonderful blogging friends and FABULOUS followers!!


Pocketful of Littles said...

Thanks for hosting!

Great resolutions and I need to do that same on my own blog

See I am trying to get better with leaving comments as well!

Pocket Full of Kinders


Kelley Cirrito said...

I used to send cards too!!! I guess I need to start doing that again! It funny how one little card can make someone's day!!! B looks sooo cute!!

Anonymous said...

I am going to take the Praxis to get my EC licensure.

Fun in Second Grade said...

I am also trying to be better at leaving comments! :) Thanks for setting up the linky! Love your blog and tpt items!

Corinna said...

Great resolutions, I need to be better at commenting too!!! Can't wait to see the photoshoot pics!

Surfin' Through Second

Lori Rosenberg said...

Great link-up idea, Jen! I expect a card for my birthday! Thanks! And, lot's of blog comments from you, too! LOL! Happy New Year!
Ѽ Lori
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting this linky! I'm hoping that the fact that so many people can see them will help me stay on top of them! Here's to a new year and crushing our resolutions!

Primary Teacherhood

Unknown said...

Jen, How could we EVER get tired of seeing cute B's face?!?! No way, keep the pics coming, I love them. Thanks for hosting this fun linky!!

A Day in First Grade

Abby said...

Love this linky! I love your personal resolution too - Random cards are so much fun! I may have to add that to my list! :)

Third Grade Bookworm

Unknown said...

Great linky! And your blog will be my first accomplishment at leaving more comments as well. :-)

Mrs. Allen’s 5th Grade Files
Mrs. Allen’s Recipe Files

Anonymous said...

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Kristy said...

Thank you for hosting this linky. I love to see other's new year's resolutions!
Teachin' First

iamdiamondmom said...

Great ideas Jen. I want to get better at finding the great things that are going on in my classroom and focusing on the positives. I also want to get this blogging thing figured out so that I can do a better job at it. There are so many great bloggers out there that I am learning from.

Charlene/Diamond Mom

The Polished Teacher said...

What a great linky party! Thanks for hosting!


Jeannine said...

This has been loads of fun Jen! Thanks so much for hosting the Linky! I love your adorable blog and enjoy your posts!Happy New Year!

Creative Lesson Cafe

Anonymous said...

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Chrissy said...

I linked up with my One Word resolution post! Thanks for hosting the party--Happy New Year!

Natalie said...

I'm so bad about leaving comments, too! But look..I'm getting better already!

Happy New Year!

Teachery Tidbits

Third Grade Doodles said...

I love me a linky party...thanks for hosting!! I am going to link up today...maybe tomorrow:) I am so happy to be your newest follower!

Kathy O.
Third Grade Doodles

Jen R said...

Isnt it the truth? :-)

Jen R said...

Thanks. know ill be showing them off :-)

Jen R said... totally will! ! Have to "figure out" what your birthday is :-)

Jen R said...

Aw.. thanks Kristen!

Jen R said...

Focusing on the positive is a great one al around! :-)

Lisa at Fourth and Ten said...

Great party! Thanks for hosting, Jen! I am trying to do better at commenting this year too! :) I bet your family and friends will love getting sweet cards from you!
Fourth and Ten
Like Fourth and Ten on Facebook!

Unknown said...

Thanks for hosting! This has been such a fun linky. Your baby girl is growing up so fast. What a cutie! I am terrible at sending out cards also... I bought one of those card organizers from Hallmark way back and purchased extra birthday, sympathy, and thank you cards hoping this would help me... it didn't.

Happy New Year!
Stellar Students

Stacy said...

I love your personal goal, I'm going to tie that in with mine about staying connected to my friends. Thanks for hosting this linky. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Around the Kitchen Table said...

Hi Jen I am totally new to the teaching blogging world and it is amazing what I have learned! Right now Im a substitute teacher and am building an amazing binder of resources and ideas. I also print some ideas to send to my sons first grade teacher to use. Her and I often compare what great things we found! I keep my fingers crossed for my own class one day and in the meantime day dream while I read allll of these amazing blogs. I do have a blog but I dont keep up with it at all. But seeing all of these makes me want to! Thank you again for inspiring me and providing so many awesome links to other blogs. Happy New YEar!!

Becky said...

Thanks for creating the Linky!

I am your newest follower!

Compassionate Teacher

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