Christmas Visual Plans - week 1 and some freebies!

So this week, I'm going FULL FORCE in Christmas -

I'm not really sure of the books I'm going to read yet- I have a stash I just kind of pick one that I want at that moment in time - I'm kind of a spur of the moment kind of 

I will be sure to show you what books I use :)

But that brings up a good question - 

Inquiring minds want to know....

What are some of your favorite books to use?!?!?

Anyway, here are the plans! the picture of the plans, and it'll take you to a PDF document to download...when you download the PDF, you can click on all the pictures and links to take you where you can find all the activities (TpT, blogposts, websites, or Freebies!)

 My centers are going to be from my 'Tis the Season Literacy Centers...

And my math centers are my 'Tis the Season for Math Centers

In my small groups - I am  still going to be working on Subtraction with Regrouping - using my Subtraction Sleuth and reviewing rounding with Jack and Jill - although, after a week, I really only have like two kids who need help with rounding still...


And we're writing our letters to Santa this week - 
but first,
I'm doing a lesson on wants vs. needs, using Caitlin's activity

I think kids really need help in know what they NEED versus what they really WANT. lol

And so do us adults - who am I kidding?? haha!!

We'll be doing our prewriting (I got the prewriting sheet from Amy Lemons)

and here's a freebie for the letter template - a few different versions

Then we're going to address the envelopes and mail them off! woo!!

For Social Studies - I'm starting with my Holidays Around the World 

I've got their passports, maps, and stamps ready to go!!

I'm starting with Sweden, Germany, Italy, and America.

Some other things I've copied off to just have around JUST in case I need them - like for morning work, mythical extra time, or a "I'm really not feeling what I had planned, so I need something different" time.

These packs, I have to get EACH month for  - I'm addicted...

I LOVE me some Denise!!

and some Katie too!!

The next few things I'm using in my small groups - 

I'm using the adjective activity in this pack (another Katie!)

And from Lori??

Her pack has some possessives and some contractions that I'm going to be using in my small groups...

And we're finishing up with our gingerbread activities next week - I was going to do a lot of fun activities on Friday as a culminating day, but I had about 1/2 my class leave throughout the day for various reasons, and I didn't want them to miss any of the fun stuff!

PLUS, they weren't being very well behaved, so I kind of decided that it wasn't a good day to do it. lol!

BUT, I just found Nicole's gingerbread hunt pack - 

I am so excited to do this next week!!

and one last thing - did you know about Santa's Reindeer camera???

You can watch Santa's reindeer - all day, all night.
they have specific feeding times too,

I think we're in the classroom for the 11:00 feeding time, so that'll be cool to show them.

Click on the pic above to go to the website.


You MIGHT want to check out my Facebook page!! Big event going on with some friends!!


Lisa Denney said...

What fun! I love all those ideas!! This is the second year in a row that I have a student who does not celebrate any holidays. It makes it a little rough on the other 22 that do celebrate. Instead we are doing a penguin book review activity and a biography report on Snowflake Bentley. I hope next year I can use all the wonderful holiday things I've used in the past....I'm missing them!

Super Pig and Tyrant King

Lori Rosenberg said...

Such fun and excitement in your classroom every single day! You are just awesome! I love all of your activities! Thanks for posting your visual plans for us!
Ѽ Lori
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Casey Wiggins said...

I LOVE your visual plans. Would you mind if I did something similar on my blog? I think that it will help both others who are on my year round schedule and myself. If you mind that is TOTALLY fine! :)

Second Grade Math Maniac
Second Grade Freebies

susanlulu said...

I didn't know about the reindeer thingy. I'll have to check that out! I couldn't get the freebie for some reason.

Jen R said...

Casey - Go for it!!
Susan - I think I fixed it - you were talking about the letters to Santa, right??

Unknown said...

Wow! This post is just full of goodness!
Thanks for sharing it all with us :)

All Students Can SHINE

Room 214-Ms. Wenzel's Blog said...

Wow...double WOW, WOW! You are so giving and resourceful! Your students are very lucky! SMILES

Jessica said...

Do you do your plans electronically? I'd lik eto find some sort of electronic tool that's not too expensive.

Courtney Zitzewitz said...

I love your ideas! I tried to get your letters and there is an error! Thanks for sharing what you are doing!

Jen R said...

I just fixed it! It was working in the Visual plans though, weird! Thank you for letting me know!

Ella said...

Thank you so much we love your site here at, we hope you don`t mind us sharing it with other teachers.

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