Ice Cream and Traveling the World

Hi all!!!

I am TOTALLY exhausted!

We had our ice cream sundae party to celebrate everyone who has passed all their addition quizzes!

LOOK at all the kiddos who passed their addition quizzes.... and I actually had 2 kids who didn't get their craft part finished to put up on the wall...

The goodies were set before them...

They got to put any and everything they wanted on their sundae!

They. Were. In. HEAVEN!!

I mean ...just look!!

lol.... They were so excited they were finished with their quizzes!!

Next party is the pizza party for subtraction!

Click HERE to check out my tasty facts!

AND I finally finished my Around the World for the holidays!

What's included in this 159 pages???

Countries Included:

Canada (The pages are the same as America.)

Activities include:
Map of the World
Graphic Organizers - country description and compare/contrast
Teacher "cheat sheets" with information on each country
Class book - to print, laminate, and bind OR you can project from your computer onto the screen!
Student book - teacher can choose which countries to put in the book
Passport - teacher can choose which countries. There are 3 different styles to choose from to differentiate for your students' writing needs!
Crafts for most of the countries (America/Canada, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Mexico, Australia, Israel)

Check it out!

I want to give it away to someone - go to my facebook page to check it out!!

BUT, if you can't wait.....

You can get it for HALF off for the next 24 hours!!! So quick! Go grab it now!


Unknown said...

Is the place you want to visit most Isreal?
Valerie Donaldson

Unknown said...

Is the place you want to visit most Isreal?
Valerie Donaldson

Anonymous said...

I just bought your holidays around the world unit! Love it, but just the passport page will not print right. NO words. Is there any way you could email me just that page?
Thank you,
Corey Power

The Colorful Apple said...

The Ice Cream Sundae party looks like so much fun!! And I totally want ice cream now.

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Roman said...

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