First Week Math Centers for 1st Grade

So, now that we have our Reading Centers practiced, I decided to give our math centers a whirl. So today was our first attempt at math centers. Oh, lordy.

But that's why I choose really easy activities. 

Today we just did a QUICK run through of ALL the centers. That way I know they know how to play them when they get there.

First up, number sense. Basic stuff. Match the number to the word and then use the bears to represent the number, and make it into a number line, starting with 1, and keep going. I have 1-10, but also 11-20 just in case some were ready to go that far. 

Another favorite (all year long) is {Katie's Pattern Pictures}. We start off just using the shapes to make the pictures, and then I add in the graphing part later on in the year.

We also did some Kindergarten Yatzee, where they roll the dice, add them together, and then mark off the box. They go until the mark off all the boxes. This little girl just did tally marks every time she rolled that sum. GENIUS! I like that extension!

You can grab this activity for free {HERE}.

This fun Roll and Build activity was a favorite. They loved what their board looks like.

This activity comes from Susan's {Number Sense} pack. It's so great - lots of great activities in it!

Another fun Unifix cube activity we did was Race to 100. 

This comes from my {Unifix Cube math pack}.  They love using Unfix Cubes.

And then, for "Teacher Table" we did the bottom portion to our Ten Frame Names.

This is one of my favorite activities to do every year. And it's FREE {HERE}.

So now, they are in the tubs, ready for the kids to choose to do.

For Math centers, they just choose which center they want to do, and mark their name or number off the list. I used to do them like {this}....

But then I switched to {numbers} instead of names because of all the coming and going (the revolving door sometimes, can be a lot!).

So, now tomorrow, we will try the real way we do centers during math. We shall see how that goes. 


Alane said...

Will your students rotate (teacher - center - independent)? How do you set up your math block?

Alane said...
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Unknown said...

I love the way you are organized. It's so important to show this to the students.
Great choice of activities as well for the first round of centres.

Thanks for sharing :)
Nathalie (Grade 1 French immersion)

Sherry said...

I really like the bins with the lids that you show in your last photo. I can't find them in any of my local stores. Can you remember where you purchased them and kindly let me know? I would be very grateful!

Crystal @Primary on the Prowl said...

I love the idea of having students mark their names off when they have completed a center! Such a great way to allow students to work at their own pace! Do you allow students to repeat a center? Do you switch out the activity when everyone has completed it?

Primary On The Prowl

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