Writing with Rubrics - and More

Something I worked really hard on all year last year was writing. Writing in first grade was a whole different ball game for me. But by the end of the year,  I had a system down!   Granted, the beginning of year is whole different world than the end of the year... first grade really is the year of serious growth! 

So this is what I've created to work with my kiddos.

 First there are prompts for each type of writing... narrative, expository, opinion, and friendly letter. You could totally do different prompts, but if you're like me and don't want to take the time to think about what to write, I've done the work for you.

Our district tells us there are certain types that we have to work on  but I still like to do different kinds of writing throughout the year. So I've included all the different kinds of writing from start to finish (of the year). You can choose which type you need to do based on your district's pacing guide, or if you have free reign, then you can do whichever style floats your boat. :)

Rubrics are great for grading writing... because writing is not black and white... it is such a subjective "subject."  I don't "grade" their writing every time we write... Lordy Bee, that would be way too much! I will pick a writing once every few weeks to grade.

 Here's a better view of the rubrics for you.  There is a teacher version, 2 on a page that you can staple to the writing or just sent that home and hang up the writing (I personally, never write on their writing!)  There is also a student friendly version that you can use as a self evaluation or a peer evaluation....although I wouldn't do that in 1st grade until later in the year...but you could use the student version "grade" them with the student in the beginning of the year.

Writing papers...siggggghhhhh

This is something that I am SO TIRED of searching through endless files for!  So I decided midway last year that I was just going to make EVERY kind of paper there was for EVERY occasion and need. lol. Solved all my problems!  Well, not really... but you get what I mean.

So there are 3 different line choices - Kinder lines, handwriting lines, and primary lines in both horizontal and vertical designs. There is every possible combination of layouts - and every version comes in full page lines and half page with a spot for pictures. There is also a "quick write" option and friendly letter versions.  First graders really do change a lot with their writing, so they really do need every kind of line out there!

In this Back to School edition, there are 3 different "picture" versions to choose from - school friends, crayons, and a school. These can fit into pretty much any "back to school" writing that you want to do.

I have also included planning pages for all the different kinds of writing you will be doing.

I don't know about you, but I really do try to make sure that certain words are spelled correctly...specifically sight words and past spelling rule words.  I have made Word Bank Folders to keep at each group or center for them to refer to. I have Fry Sight words as well as thematic word folders for each "theme."  

In this pack there is a School Words folder and a Transportation folder in addition to the Fry Words folders.  Each season, there will be file folders to match which ever themes fall during that time frame.

Click {HERE} to check it out!

Stay tuned for other seasons!
Any Time Themes!


Jodi said...

Looks fantastic! This looks like a very thorough product! Jodi

Unknown said...

Your resources are so cute and useful. It makes me wish I was teaching 1st!
Faith Filled Teaching

Jen R said...

Thank you ladies! Becca- it could work for 2nd too :)

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