Bubble Wrap Lint Roller Painting Turkey - freebie!

The other day, I tried a new kind of painting....

Bubble Wrap Painting!

I tried it out...and it turned out SO cute!!

I took some bubble wrap and put it on a lint roller, then rolled it in some paint, and painted the feather paper.  Here is how a few different ones came out...

I cut out the feathers after the papers dried, and glued the turkey together.

I love how it came out!  I took it home and had my girls try it out.  Autumn loved painting with a lint roller - haha!

She cut out all the other pieces while the feathers were drying and glued it all together. Then I got the brilliant idea of having there be a "writing activity" to go with it. So I quickly made one and told her to draw what she's thankful for.  Her response?? "I'm thankful for being loved!"  

Melt. My. Heart.   I mean seriously. Isn't that what all kids really want? To be loved??  She really does have such amazing insight into what really matters in life sometimes.

And because I'm so thankful for you guys, I would love to share these with you!

If you want the templates for the turkey, click {HERE}

And for the writing templates, you can grab them {HERE}.

And THANK YOU for all your comments! I really do love them!


Adriana said...

too cute! thanks for the templates ;)

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Unknown said...

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Mark Dawson said...

This bubble wrap painting looks fun! I am going to try this for my kids.

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