Fun with 2-D Shape Friends

Last week, one of our math concepts was learning about 2-D shapes.

I posted about how I taught in 2nd grade {HERE} last year.  We had some serious fun - using the iPad app, geoboards, making our shape books.  SO much fun!

This year, since I'm in 1st grade now, I took a little bit different approach. We don't need to go into quite as much detail as in 2nd grade, but we still had a lot of fun!  One of my favorite activities we do is to make the shape friends.  When I taught 2nd grade, I had them free-hand draw and cut the shapes (well, with a ruler), but with 1st grade, I printed up templates and made tracers for them. But everything else on the shapes they did themselves. I always love how they come out.

My personal favorite this year is this little "French Hexagon." lol... complete with a speech bubble saying "wee wee!"  We had just done our "Five Little Pumpkins" illustrations from my Pumpkin unit, and she needed to do the same for her shape. I love it!

You can grab the tracers and shape cards freebie {HERE}.

We also did some sorting activities - you can grab those freebies {HERE}.

We did some comparing and contrasting of shapes and some geoboard fun too.  Those activities can be found in my Geometry pack

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Karli Lomax said...

These shape friends are adorable! Thanks for sharing :)
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