Organizing Monthly Calendar Activities

So, the other day, I pulled out my monthly calendar file. Then, I had a thought that maybe you'd like to see how I have my months organized.

Now, this isn't to be confused with my monthly theme bins.  Those are separate bins and they have all of my activities and centers and such. 

I'm going to show you my monthly calendar bins.  These are just file crates that I have set up for the whole year. I've coped everything I need for every month...that I KNOW I'll use every month. I copy them off for the whole year in the beginning of the year. It's a lot to do at once, but once I have it done, I'm thankful every month for the rest of the year!

So, what's in my files?? 

Let me show you.

Most of the activities come from my Ultimate Calendar Bundle

In the front files, I have the originals and the "all year" sets of copies, such as the months of the year songs and weather graphing. I also have the originals for my Poetry Journal covers and my Writing Journal Covers.  

In the next file, I have Lori's Write the Room centers- one of my staples I use as a center...every other week or so, so I keep those here since they are pretty much done in monthly "order."  

So, what's in each month's file?  All these goodies!
Click on the Names under the picture to check out the products, posts, and freebie links!

Calendar headers and cards (my Ultimate Calendar Bundle)
Monthly Songs (my Ultimate Calendar Bundle)
Blank Monthly Calendars (my Ultimate Calendar Bundle)
Monthly Calendar Task Cards (Sunny Days in Second)
Monthly Spelling Contracts (Fourth and Ten)
Monthly Geometry Quilt (Tunstall Teaching)
Holiday Word Bank Folders (Kindergarten Smiles)
Writing Prompt Menus (The Colorful Apple)

This week, I tried to remember to take pictures of our monthly papers in action...

We did the cover for our Poetry Journal (check out my poetry journal post {HERE} to see how we use them)

We did the October "song" for our first October poetry entry...I took a video of them doing the song, it's on my IG account, if you want to check it out. Then, they unscrambled the letters for the month, as they still had the song in their head. lol These activities are in my Calendar Bundle.

And today, we were able to fit in our Geometry Quilt. This week, I had the kids put it together, telling them they had to follow the ABA then BAB pattern on each line. It was interesting to see who didn't really get the whole "pattern" thing. 

I always hang them on our door for the month, then I cut them up and put them on the top of our wall in our class.

What is in your calendar bins... 

Click the pictures below to check out my packs...

FREEBIE Journal covers for the poetry and writing journals.


Chris Saunders said...

I love your post--do you get your quilt designs from somewhere or make up yourself? Thanks-Chris

Unknown said...

Love this whole post!! :) I want to be a fly on the wall in your room! Especially during Calendar Time...I'm the worst Calendar teacher EVER!

Tammie said...

Love the post! Do you use the spelling contract with your spelling packet? Thanks

Unknown said...

Great idea to have that already! Your maternity leave sub is going to be thrilled that everything is so easily organized for her!

Penelope Sanchez said...

This makes me learn how to cope with overloaded calendars and endless to-do lists.

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