Apple Week Fun - with Freebies!

Well, I'm slightly behind on showing you what we did for our Apple Week. I know I showed you my visual plans {HERE} but I never came back to show you our week.

So, consider this pho-tog dump of pictures (yes, there are a ton!)

First, I copied off all the pages from my Hands-On Apple Unit that I wanted in our book this year and had a volunteer make all the books.  Then I sent home the donation and volunteer letter.

Throughout the week, we did apple-themed activities 

We read a lot about Apples and Johnny Appleseed that week. We worked in our Scholastic News labeling the different parts of non-fiction.

Here are some of the books we read that week. 

After we read one of the Apple-themed books, we wrote about what we do if we had a basket full of apples, and used A Cupcake for the Teacher's Writing. 
They turned out super cute! And I seriously have some awesome artists in my room!

Then, we dove into our books for the week!

We did the parts of an apple - I did a directed drawing to show them how to draw it. I really like to see their creativity, so I don't give a lot of templates when it comes to drawings.

After they did the drawing and labeling correctly, then they got to do the craft.

They also did the life cycle of an apple in our book.

Once we read a few books about Johnny Appleseed, we did a tree map on him in our book...

And then wrote about him

I have to tell you. One of the best directed drawings is Teacher Bits and Bobs's Directed Drawing of Johnny Appleseed. Almost every single one of my kids' drawings came out AWESOME because of her! You can download her freebie {HERE}.

Then, we had a little taste testing of the different color apples and graphed the response.

and wrote about the data.


So our math centers that week, were fun-filled apple-themed centers.

We measured ourselves (this came from Kindergarten Smiles' Apple Unit)

And we did number bonds from my September Math centers

THEN, came Apple Day!  I had a few volunteers come in and help me "man" stations.

Apple Stamping, then they did some math on the seeds on the inside.

and they made their Johnny Appleseed Hat...

After lunch, it was time for MORE taste testing! I took all the apples home that were donated and made apple butter and cut up the apples for the applesauce. And I made the biscuits. I won't tell you that I actually made the apple butter TWO days before (being on the ball!) but my husband didn't turn off the crock-pot during the day and left it on "warm" all day and then it burnt the apple butter. UGH. Round 2.

It all worked out though... we had apple butter and biscuits, we made the applesauce that morning in class after we wrote out the recipe, apple slices, apple chip, and apple cider.

I had them cast their vote on apple sticky notes on giant apple die-cuts.

Then, of course we graphed the results in our books.

AND, to make our recipe books (I always do these separate from the actual book), I used First Grade Blue Skies' SO CUTE apple craft (the girls has a knack for crafts!)

Apple Poem Freebies!


Mrs. Wheeler said...

Wow! Looks like you had a week of apple fun! Love it all!

Unknown said...

So adorable!!
First Grade Blue SKies

Julia said...

What grade do you teach?

Jen R said...

Julia - This is my first year in first grade, but I was in 2nd and 3rd grade for the first 11 years of my teaching :)

Anonymous said...

This is in excellent blog post with so many great ideas. Thanks for sharing the freebies. It adds so much to my classroom. Blessings on your day!


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