Hands-On Learning with Pumpkins and Song Freebie!

The other day, I showed all about our fun Apple Week! A little longer after the fact than I wanted, but hey... life is busy I tell ya!

I normally do pumpkin week the last week of October, as the transition from October to December, since pumpkins are used for both holidays - as decorations anyway.

But, since this year, Halloween is on a Friday (PTL!!)...and obviously the last day of October, I'm switching my weeks. First we'll do Pumpkins, then we'll do Halloween.

This season is seriously one of my favorite seasons... to live, to eat, to teach! It's the best season... well, #2 to summer since I love my beach time so much... although, I'll still be beaching it for a few more months...yes!

So, at the end of this week, I'm going to send home my donation and volunteer form so I can get that squared away.

I'm also going to turn in my "book" to get copied and put together for our pumpkin week.  Trying to stay afloat... which is not always an easy thing! ahh!!

The pages I use to make our Pumpkin Week books come from my Pumpkin Unit.

Included in the pack is:
-Parent letters for donations and volunteering (2 options)
-Checklist for donations and supplies

Student Books - these can be made using full pages or half pages!
-Cover page for the students' book
-Parts of a pumpkin (2 options)
-Life Cycle of an pumpkin (2 options)
-2 Pumpkin Songs with different versions for your books!
(From Seed to Pie and 5 Little Pumpkins)
-Apple math (1st grade and 2nd grade options!)
-Sink of Float graphing (pumpkin and seeds)
-Pumpkin Adjective Writing
-Pumpkin Adjectives for the guts
-Pumpkin Seed Math (1st grade and 2nd grade options!)

One of my favorite things to add into my teaching and lessons...is songs and poems. As if you couldn't tell by my Poetry Journal Post (check it out HERE). So I wanted to share the songs from my pumpkin pack with you. These are just songs that I've known for years and have done them with my kids each year. You can download them for free by click on the picture. 

I've bundled the Apple and Pumpkin packs into one pack for a discount price. Click the picture to check it out. 

If you missed my Apple Week Post, you should head over there - there are lots of activities and freebies in the post!


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I'm exchanging my weeks. First we'll do Pumpkins,C1000-103 Dumps PDF at that point we'll do Halloween

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