Book Leveling - Freebie Labels

When I moved to my new school, I was informed that they don't do A.R.

I was bummed.  I love A.R. I have been doing A.R. for the last 10 years.

This school does Fountas & Pinnell.

It's only a K-2 school, so I get why they don't do A.R.

But still. When I heard that, I'm pretty sure my eyes bulged out and my jaw dropped. If you've seen pictures of my extensive classroom library, you can probably understand why I was kind of freaking out about leveling my whole library....again.... for the THIRD time. 

So I racked my brain and tried to come up with a "simple" way to do it. 

You know that I'm quite OCD (LABEL IT ALL!), so there had to be a system. I didn't want my bins organized by levels because I like the kids to look through my books as they would a real library. PLUS I already have them beautifully organized.

So I came up with a system.

Here's what I came up with.

I made labels and printed them on the Avery mailing labels

I made it so that TWO labels print up on each ONE I'm getting double my bang for my buck. When I cut the labels in half, the fit perfectly around the bind, with the letters showing on the front.

And then I had a WONDERFUL parent volunteer come in and do all of my books. Let me tell you, after 3 days of 4-5 hours of leveling and labeling, she's about halfway finished. Seriously. She's amazing. I need to give her a major gift afterwards.

For real.

She's sitting outside my door in the hallway (using the extra desks of kids that didn't show up because I don't' have any room in my actual room for her to sit) looking books up on the Scholastic Book Wizard website/app and labeling them. I feel very blessed to have her.

And now my books are labeled so beautifully!

So did you see the other labels on my books?? Yep. My books are now leveled three times....

One for A.R.
One for 100 Book Challenge (do any of you do that!?)
And now one for F & P.

Hopefully, since these all have letters on them, my kids won't get confused easily! ha!

Anyway,  if you want them, you can grab them for free from my store.

Tomorrow is Friday.

It's a 3-day weekend.

I'm sure you know where I'll be!


Jessica said...

What's the 100 Book Challenge? I've heard of it, but how do you do it?

What I Have Learned

Unknown said...

Looks amazing!!! :)

Sarah Paul said...

What a wonderful idea! Thank you so much Jen!

Jodi said...

Genius! Such a simple, but smart idea! I now have a job for parent volunteers too.
Fun In First

amy.lemons said...

Can you come do my library next?! Please and thank you :)

jesslemon said...

I LOVE THIS!! I am switching to your labels over the summer and I couldn't be more excited. What did you do with your non-fiction books? Do you have a non-fiction label? Thanks for your hard work and for sharing!! :)

Jen R said...

I just level my NF books the same way. but I organize them by "units" instead of by author - just like a real library.

Miss Degen said...

Hi there! I am also switching from a school who focuses on AR to a school who uses Fountas and Pinnell for leveling their libraries. How did you correlate the two?

Jen R said...

I googled "book level correlation chart" or something like that... and then if the books were not in Book Wizard to get their F&P levels, I just used what A.R. level it correlated to in F&P.

Unknown said...

What font did you use? I am trying to change I because my printed made it to close in color to J!

Unknown said...

I'm impressed with your system! I am in the progress of reorganizing my library using F&P and looking at your system, it totally makes sense. But I was do the kiddos know which bin the book belongs to when placing them back? Do you have a separate label on each book with the category?

Jen R said...

Hi Gladys - I blogged about how they "check out" books in this post :)

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