BTS Sale - for the Visual people

Woop woop! It's the BTS sale!! I'm so glad they're doing it earlier this year because the last few years it's been AFTER we went back to school. That was kind of annoying for me. lol.

SO, because I'm such a visual person, I'm thinking a lot of teachers are. I just wanted to show you some things of mine that you could use for BTS or use to start your your year off!

Click on the pictures to check them out on TpT. Anything that you see that's bundled is also available separately, if you only need one or the other.

I used these when I taught 2nd grade, but that was at a Title I school, so I'm sure my 1st graders can use these! I have them in my room ready to go.

The "I Can" Statements and Gradebook are available for grades K, 1, 2, and 3! The gradebook is editable.

I have my spelling program for grades 1, 2, and 3!

My phonics notebook was one of my favorite things last year!! You can check out some posts on it HERE

My Tasty Facts is one thing I use EVERY day in my class. Check out my posts on them HERE.

For my Kinder friends...the Alphabet Journal is a lot like my Spelling or Vocabulary Journals!

One of my most poplar products is my CCS centers. Florida isn't CCS anymore, but we teach the same skills, so I'm still using them in my class. I will just have to convert the standards in my planbook. 

Also available for Grade 1!

All of my Classroom Themes are on sale too! This is the one I have up in my room.

But I also have all kinds of other Classroom Themes! 

I also have a few A.R. packs!

There are 4 different versions of the posters in the pack for you to choose from.

Check out my post on the Label It! packs HERE.

One of my other FAVORITE packs is my Math with a Deck of Cards!

Check out my post on the pack HERE.

Check out my post (with a freebie to try it out!) HERE.

This is one pack that I've been using for YEARS. Every day.  Seriously.

Check out my post on it HERE.

I'm so excited about THIS reading logs pack for this year!! I used to make them all whenever I needed them and have about 1,000 different files scattered all over the place, and NOW I have just one file!!  There are reading, phonics, and grammar skills included!

Check out my post on it HERE.

YES!! Another favorite!! I already got these back from the print shop - all copied and spiral bound! I'm so excited for my kids to get their hands on them!

Check out my post on them HERE.

I use these when I do my read alouds... specifically my chapter book read alouds, but I'm sure I'll be changing it up now that I'm down in 1st grade.

Check out my post on it HERE.

Here is another favorite that use EVERY week.  I also just got these back from the print shop, all copied and spiral bound! 

Check out my post on it HERE.

AND one of my classroom necessities... for your calendar!!

Check out my post on it HERE.

WHEW!  That's a lot for BTS. I think I got it all. I'm not sure I did. I probably forgot some.  My brain is a little mush right now. ha!

Also, don't forget to go leave feedback for your purchases so you can use the credits to do MORE shopping! I have about 200 points. I'm excited to go shopping! haha!

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Kristin said...

I recently discovered your blog through another blog (and TpT as well) and love it! I love reading all the elementary blogs even though I am a middle school teacher. I am just curious...what do you use to make all your graphics on your items?

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