Pumpkin Symmetry

It's a Saturday, and I'm up at 6:00... WHY?!? do you ask??? Well...because my Little Miss B has learned to climb out of her crib....yea...fun times. Now she gets out as soon as she wakes up, instead of hanging out in the crib until I'm ready to come get her out.

Oh well...I guess it gives me time to blog before A wakes up..lol

Well, I'm so super busy in my class that I am really having a hard time finding the time to take pictures...

Yesterday, we were supposed to do our Pumpkin Day, but one of the kids who donated one of the pumpkins was out, so I postponed our Pumpkin Day so that he could be with us....so, I just kind of made up our day as we went....and sometimes, the activities I do on a whim like that work out better than what I had planned...I love when that happens!

Pumpkin symmetry was so fun!! We talked about symmetry, practiced a little on other shapes...and then I brought out the paint!

I had them fold the paper in half first, and then I would come around put paint on the paper....

(sorry, for the blurry picture, not sure how I didn't see that before...)

Then, then had to "fold and smoosh" - my technical terminology...lol...
Some of the paint was liquidy and it WOULD transfer to to the other side and spread around...but some of the paint wasn't, so I had to take a paint brush and paint a very thick coat on one side of the paper, and then they folded the paper and transferred it to the other side.

Then, VOILA! A symmetrical pumpkin! They loved it!!

Then, they painted a stem on it. (which makes it NOT symmetrical anymore, I realize, but the pumpkin itself is still, at least)

we hung them all up to dry, and they're still there,because I didn't have the time at the end of the day to take them down...lol 

It really was perfect because we talked about how no two pumpkins are the same... (I like the one that looks like he is a bear with a Mohawk! lol) We read Spookly Square Pumpkin, and they talked about that, and one of my kids even said "JUST like in Spookly!!"

So, there ya have it - a spur of the moment activity that worked out beautifully! I just LOVE when the happens!


Rachel Lamb said...

I love this and I totally need a drying rack in my room!

Unknown said...

What a cute activity! Thanks for sharing :)
The Techie Teacher

Carrie H said...

What a neat idea! Glad it worked out! I love it when those spur of the moment activities work out!

Shifting Teacher K-2 said...

I remember last summer going through the stages of crib climbing too. It's not that fun. My daughter still just sleeps on a double mattress on the floor of her room because she was able to climb out of the crib and pack and play. I'm so glad we haven't moved her to a bed yet because she still rolls off the mattress at times. I love your pumpkins! I might do that next week!!

Shifting Teacher K-2

mrsditts said...

LOVE IT! I am doing this in the morning. If you put a little bit of brown paint in the crease before they fold it wouldn't it make a symmetrical stem too?

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