Visual plans - spiders, phonics, centers, and updates!

Soooo.....last week, I didn't really get through ANY of my plans I had because I was testing ALL. WEEK. LONG. I was giving our District's reading test, which took about 3 sessions of about 45 minutes...there goes all of my reading block. I was giving the math test. And while the actual test itself doesn't take long, there is a one-on-one part to it and THAT takes FOR.EV.ER! Sooo... some of what I had planned last week is showing up again on this week's plans. That's ok. With the week that I've had, I haven't really had time to plan...or create anything new  am thankful for being able to find so many wonderful resources from so many talented people....

I know...I haven't posted about how I do my peer to peer fluency yet, but I've got he post HALF And also in small groups, I'm revisiting silent e, using decodable books from Reading A to Z... the week I taught that in class, I only had like 3 days to teach it. SO, I'm revisiting it in my small groups.
I'm also probably going to use some of Megan's Magic E pack, and Jen Jones' nonsense fluency pack for silent e.

This week, we're working with suffixes again, but this time we're doubling the consonant...and soon we'll be changing the base word completely. 

For my math centers, I'm excited to have Jamie come to my rescue...and I'm still using my Deck of Cards activities - the kids just have a ball with them!

I've updated and added more activities to my spider packs! Make sure you go back and download them again if you've already purchased them!

I'm really excited to start in our Bat unit!! I haven't made any changes to this But each year I do a theme, I always get more/new ideas, so make sure you get the pack now, then if I do update it you can download the updated version for free!

Also....I had a sweet email from  a follower with some suggestions to add to my Numbers Every Day pack - and I really liked the ideas, so I added them to my pack!

Check out {THIS}post to see how I use these folders.

Also, don't forget TpT's impromptu sale right now - and my whole store is on sale too!

Ok...I THINK that's it...I still have so much to catch up on...but I didn't want to keep adding to the post. lol. Today is sunshiney day, so I think the girls and I are headed to the beach!! 


Pam Olivieri said...

Great ideas Jen! You are welcome to add them to my linky!
Every Day is Like Sunday Linky

Rockin Resources

Jennifer said...

Looks AWESOME of course! Have a great week!
Rowdy in First Grade

Unknown said...

how do you make your visual plans? What program do you use? They look so neat...I am still using a book that I am writing but really want to switch to digital if possible....

Unknown said...

Hello! I found your blog through Mrs. Wills “Peek at My Week” Linky. It is so helpful to look at other teacher’s plans and see how I can better my own.

We are not supposed to do themed ideas and our county has pacing guides for everything, but I can see my students getting bored. So this week our science is going to based on apples...lots of hands on and tasting activities. School is supposed to be our early life experiences right? I still have a friend who has never had apple cider! Now my kids will be able to say they have.

Would love for you to head over and check out my blog and peek at my week!

If You Give a Teacher a Treat

Jen R said...

Emily - I use powerpoint :)
Lyndsay - Did you see my post from earlier in the week about all the apple things I did??

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