Spider week! Visual plans

Sorry I've been MIA this week. One of the reasons is that, in addition to life being crazy (of course), my husband's dad has been sick. You can read about it on my Splash blog, HERE.  Another reason is that I was taking the time to get my PGP finished...you know, that PLAN that says how I am going to become a better teacher??Yeah, well, I'm finished with it! WOO!!! I did mine on fluency this year. I actually have had a post planned to post to show you how I have tweaked things this year to better differentiate for it. I WILL get to this week!

Anyway, this week, we're working with SPIDERS! I love, love, love October because I can start teachign about w of my favorite themes - spiders and bats! Here are some of the books that I'll be using in my lessons or putting on display for my class.

I'm also going to be using Bookflix, I love how it matches the fiction to the non-fiction for themes!


Here is what my plans look like...that I HOPE to accomplish. It's our first full week of school, with all 5 days and NO early release. I'm kind of excited to see what I can get finished....BUT, I DO have to start giving TWO different District Assessments this week. Ugh. I feel like I haven't even gotten a firm grip on ANYTHING and I'm already testing. Le sigh....
To get to the links in the plans, click on the pictures and it'll bring you google docs. Download the file and open it up as a PDF, and you can click on those links!

This is the last week for this round of literacy centers. Next week, I'm going to be using a lot of activities from my Spider and Bat pack...I'm really excited!

Now, I must go watch one of the better games of the day (that I get, anyway...)

For some reason, CBS thought that our area would want to see the Jags/Rams game on tv rather than the Dolphins game..boo! That's ok - I'm excited for this game too!


Cecilia said...

I love spider and bats too. I also include Mr. Bones. Enjoy your day. Cecilia

Michelle said...

I love your visual plans! It is such a great way to see what you are studying. I shared it with my FB followers and Pinterest followers. :)

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