Interactive Dictionary and Phonics Notebook!

You guys....I'm FINISHED!!

I have had this baby on my to-do list FOREVER! This is something we've been trying out in our school - interactive notebooks...I really played around with it last year to figure out how I wanted it. So here it is!

Interactive notebooks are a FUN way to get students involved in spelling! This dictionary and phonics notebook is set up to make organizing easy!

Included is:

Directions of how to set it up WITH pictures for examples.

Name card for the notebooks, 2 different options
Alphabet chart
Covers for each section

Alphabet Dictionary, title cards, and starter word lists
Category Dictionary, title cards, and starter word lists
Phonics Dictionary  (this is the LOOOONG part)- short vowels, long vowels, vowel diphthongs and digraphs, blends, digraphs, and silent letters.

Each section in the phonics dictionary has title cards, with the option of an interactive book to glue in, writing paper to glue or staple into it, and subtitle cards.

Check it out at:
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I super love it and I hope you do too!!! I'm so glad I finished it today because tomorrow, "A" and I are headed to Sea World with some friends, so I was giving myself a deadline...woo!!

Check out my post on how we put it together in class! It's a little messy to do it, but it's SO worth it!


Someone asked for more detail of what's in the pack...I tried to lay out a map of each section without making it too cluttered for ya...
Now, this is just the first 2 sections of the phonics notebook...AND it's still only PART of each of those sections.  EACH sound has it's own book insert and title card...and for each of the rules for the sounds, there are subtitle cards (example...for long a there are subtitle cards for ai, ay, and a_e). OR each section (like short vowel and long vowel and blends, etc) have the option of doing a Big Book insert with the subtitle cards...You can use ONLY what you will teach through the year....

This is NOT a phonics "program,"or suggestion for a phonics continuum. BUT, I do have my Spelling Throughout the Year  packs (Grade 3Grade 2Grade 1) that would go GREAT with this notebook!

I hope that helps!!

P.S. Make sure you check back tomorrow for exciting news!


amiebuzza said...

I just purchased this. It's terrific! I love how you broke everything down into categories and sounds. This is going to be a great resource for my firsties this year! Thanks for offering it on sale.

Primary Paradise said...

Jen, your dictionary looks great. Hope you are enjoying Sea World. We went on Father's Day. Loved the new penguin exhibit...didn't love the hour and twenty minute wait in the Florida sun. Will check back later for the exciting news.
Primary Paradise

furfamily said...

I would love to see more close-ups. I made something like this years ago and loved it, but didn't follow through. It was hard for me to see all the "pieces" with your previews. Any chance of making single page previews without giving away the product?

furfamily said...

Please email me at fur if you put up more pics. Thanks!

The Narcissist said...

You have a nice blog. Do you want to follow each other in Google friend connect? Just follow me and I will follow you back :) We could add each other in our Google+ circles as well if you want. :) Cheers

First grade teacher 808 said...

I am a big fan of your work! Thanks for this new packet!

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