Father's Day Kids' Crafts!

Hi everyone! I am just dropping in to share a little diddy I made for Father's Day. The hubs is really into art...so I like to do artsy things for him.

Yes, I know. Father's Day is tomorrow. But I work best under pressure. AND, Autumn actually DID do a father's day project for daddy. I took her to the pottery place the other so she could paint something... she picked out some gnomes....and she did really well!!

look how they came out (this is before they've gone into the kiln). hehehe...do you think she's trying to tell me what she thinks of her sister?? She painted her green - like an ogre.  I know B can be a little Shrek-like at times, but really?? lol! Ron is going to get a kick out of it though. 

 BUT, they're not going to be ready in time. SO, I made this cute little page, and then did a hand print from each girl.

If you want the print out click {HERE}

I leave you with THIS post I want you to read! It's 20 Things Every Parent Should Hear. I love it. 
PLEASE click on it and read it. Even if you're not a parent yet, it is great for teachers too!

Happy Saturday!


The Polished Teacher said...

The ogre thing is too funny! Little siblings can be like that sometimes! Love the hands down gift you are giving! Have a great weekend!

The Polished Teacher

Sara at school said...

I like the Huff Post list. Need to remember that!
Thanks for sharing.

Irene Jennings said...

Cool! This is a really fun activity for father's day. Kids and dad will really enjoy this.

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