Two more chevron colors!

So today, we went to the zoo. We've been a tons of times. A loves it! But we haven't really been since B's been able to participate and kind of KNOW what's going on. It was fun!!

Those are just a few pictures. They also fed the deer and the birds...and the water at the end was SO needed - it's hot here! ha!

Well, the real reason for me being here, is to show you a few more classroom packs...

I had a few different requests for color schemes. I figured since they were all color schemes I would use in my room, why not do them? lol Make my job harder when it comes to deciding which back I want to use! ha! So here are the newest color schemes:

Each pack contains TEN files:
(yes, I've added and changed a few things, so if you've already bought these, go back and download the newest version!)

1) Alphabet, a set with 1 card on a page and a one page alphabet chart, which would be great for centers! There are pictures for the letters that have double sounds (hard/soft letters ans long/short vowels). 

2) World Wall Letters - the vowels are different color letters and background

3) Numbers 1-180. Count up the days of school! There is one complete set with the same background. There is a 2nd set that starts at 5 and counts by fives, a 3rd set that starts at 10 and counts by tens, and 4th set that counts by 2s. You can use these for 100s charts, or a sequencing math center as well!

4) Calendar - Month and Days of the week header cards, which can also be used as a sequencing activity in a center! Today is/Yesterday was/ Tomorrow is charts, and a place value chart for the day of the year.

5) Name tags and pockets - There are 2 different versions of the name tags, and 6 different versions of the pockets.

6) Number posters 1-30 with the word, number, and ten frame

7) Job chart - a ready made version, or a blank one for you to write in your own jobs.

8) an EDITABLE version of the Job Chart

9) Centers number labels - there are 2 sets; one for reading and math. There are small labels and big ones. There is also a page that describes how I organize and do centers!

10) an EDITABLE version of the center labels so you can label them how you like!
In each file there is a "Teacher Tips" page where I explain how to use each file and organization tips!!

AND, I've also made another and green!!!

Now, I'm not sure....which one should I use!? Because I still REALLY like my first one I made this week...

OH! Winner of this Teal and Gray pack is....

In case you're interested, I still have my packs from last summer that I made...Beach and Pirate themed!

Ok...that's the end. Have a great night everyone!


Unknown said...

I am so excited to win!!!! YAY!! Thank you very much!

Melodee said...

I love these colors together! so cute!

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