First Day of Summer Fun!

Hi friends!!


Those are the only words for it.

Today, I dropped B off with the babysitter and I took A to Sea World with some of our friends! It was a lot of fun! We used to go all the time, but I think it's been about a year since the last time we've gone...but I think after today, that'll have to change :)

Feeding the sting rays

riding a giant squid!

me and my girl! (it was SO hot!) lol


Anyway... Yesterday, I posted about my new pack (and THANK you for all the awesome feedback already - that makes my heart so happy!). I had a few people asking for more details on what's included in my interactive, Hands-On Dictionary and Phonics Notebook...

Someone asked for more detail of what's in the pack...without showing EVERY 120 pages of it. I tried to lay out a map of each section without making it too cluttered for ya...
Now, this is just the first 2 sections of the phonics notebook...AND it's still only PART of each of those sections.  EACH sound has it's own book insert and title card...and for each of the rules for the sounds, there are subtitle cards (example...for long a there are subtitle cards for ai, ay, and a_e). OR each section (like short vowel and long vowel and blends, etc) have the option of doing a Big Book insert with the subtitle cards...You can use ONLY what you will teach through the year....

This is NOT a phonics "program,"or suggestion for a phonics continuum. BUT, I do have my Spelling Throughout the Year  packs (Grade 2 and Grade 1) that would go GREAT with this notebook!

I hope that helps!!

Last on the agenda??

Yesterday, I told you that I had a surprise for's OFFICIALLY the first day of summer! SO, I'm going to start doing Summer Daily Deals!!

In order to find out the daily deals, make sure you are a facebook fan! Starting tomorrow, I'll post the daily deal on my Facebook's just easier to do it over there, and I don't want to bog up the blog with the SDD....sooo....before we get's the dealio....

Each day the deal will be posted when I wake up in the morning (which, is pretty early since I have my lovely A and B girls - ha!), and since I'm on Eastern time, I'll keep the deal up until I wake up the next morning....IF I have a busy day and leave it up an extra amount of time, then woo!! But please don't ask me to extend the sale! (I'm a teacher...and I know...when I do it for one, I KNOW more of you will come out of the woodworks - ha!).  Also, what if you JUST bought that?! Well.....that happens to me ALL the time! grrr....

What are the deals??
Who knows?! ha! Whatever I feel like.... I might even do a BOGOfree deal! You'll just have to tune in to find out.

Ok, I hope that covers it.  See you tomorrow in the A.M! I'm off to watch the DVR.


Kelley Cirrito said...

It looks like the girls are having a great time with you this summer! I always look on Instagram and see you girls doing such fun stuff!! I can't wait to have my own daughters to share the summers with! ;)

Busy Bees said...

I love Sea World. We used to have one here in Ohio, but they closed it down. Looks like you are having a great summer!

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