Weather, Fractions, and Valentine's Day Visual Plans!

It's time for another set of visual plans!

I changed them up a little bit, so I could have more room to show you more what I do whole group. The other ones were a little squished, I thought. (these plans don't include the activities I randomly use from Denise, Katie, and Lisa because I just use those when I think they fit.)

This week is a combination of Weather and Valentine's Day (for literacy) and Fractions for math.

I hate the dreaded V-day. I know. I'm weird. But I really do. BUT, because I had so many cute ideas and activities in my "files," I HAVE to do it - lol. the picture of the plans (or click HERE), and it'll take you to a PDF document to download...when you download the PDF, you can click on all the pictures and links to take you where you can find all the activities (TpT, blogposts, websites, or Freebies!)

There are TONS of freebies in this week's post, so make sure you download and click the links!

You like seeing a "fall" item on my plans in February?? hehe - hey... I love getting 2 activities out of one! Thanks, Hadar! I'm using a mixture of Hadar's scarecrow (turned blue bird) with Miss T's Tweet paper for our "Kindness to Tweet About" board... we are doing a school-wide Kindness week this week, so that'll be our display.

And what's carousel scrambled sentences?? WELL... I'm going put the kids in groups - and then I'm going to put the scrambled sentence sets around the room - there are 6 sets, so they're will be 6 groups of kids... I'll give them like 2-3 minutes at each station to unscramble the sentences and write them down. When my timer goes off, then I'll move them around the room to the next set. After they've been to all the stations, then they'll go back to their seats to illustrate the sentences. The thing is- I wrote the scrambled sentences in a way that they're actually learning information about the storms, so it's like a two-fer lesson too!

And this week for math, we're working on fractions in our whole group. There are a lot fun things I  plan on doing with fractions, and on Friday, we're going to practice skip counting with an activity from Kelley's pack...skip counting NOT starting with zero... that's one of the biggest problems with adding money...

And here are the center activities I'll be doing this week.

A little fun tidbit - the calendar center?? I got it as a freebie because I subscribe to Denise's newsletter...BUT it's not a freebie. The perks of being a stalker! ha! Make sure you sign up for her newsletter.

And I am going to try and start having a new poetry center. Yes, I do poetry all week long in my room - but I'm taking the form of Teeny's poetry she use to post... I broke the poems up into lines (instead of words), and they're going to have to put them all together - and then rewrite the poem using their BEST handwriting! Their handwriting skills (some of them) are HORRIBLE... so this is a poetry, handwriting, comprehension, and visualizing center. lol

Something else I wanted to share with you - 

the Valentine class list paper I sent home..

One of the things I'm GOING to get back into doing is Morning messages.  I used to LOVE doing them, and then moved to 3rd grade and got too busy...I mean, I'm still SUPER busy, but when I saw Megan's post about hers, it got me all excited about it again... so I"m on a mission to get it going again...thanks for the inspiration Megan!

and don't forget our HUGE THANK YOU giveaway!!

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Suzy Q said...

You don't like Valentine's Day? Think about me, with all boys. No pink frilly stuff for us! But we did write stories using conversation hearts last year...they cracked me up! Some were really mushy and some were just plain funny, mostly because they were seriously trying to be romantic. We'll be doing it this year for sure!

Halle said...

Thanks for the Valentine's Class List! It's adorable and now I'm happy I forgot to send it home last week! I get to use yours now!

My fingers and toes are crossed to win that giveaway of yours!!!

Happy Sunday!

Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

Kelley Cirrito said...

We are starting fractions too this is actually something I like to teach! My teammate who is new this year couldn't believe we teach fractions in second grade...I was like YUP!!! Have a super week my sweet friend!

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