Snow week Visual plans with lots of freebies!

This week, we will be focusing more on just SNOW. - not snowmen, but just snow.

I only have a handful of kids that have ever seen snow, so I have a few activities that I want to show them.

Last week, we've already focused on penguins and snowmen... (check out THIS post)

So here are my plans for THIS week...
(I have pushed a lot of last week's stuff to this week because we just never got to all of it!) the picture of the plans (or click HERE), and it'll take you to a PDF document to download...when you download the PDF, you can click on all the pictures and links to take you where you can find all the activities (TpT, blogposts, websites, or Freebies!)
hopefully THIS week we'll be finished with our penguin books - they are coming out sooo cute!!!

There are a lot of freebies in this week's plans... so you definitely want to download the plans to click on those links!
Here are mine that are in the plans... 

AND have you seen this??

it's a freebie from her pack - i plan on trying to stick into my plans somewhere,!

And don't forget that today is the SUPER sale at TpT!!

The extra percentage from TpT is only for today, but my store will be on sale on Monday too just in case you forgot something!

Here are a few of my favorite things from my store.

and yesterday I showed you a few things that I will be updating soon that are not in this picture.... I'm sure that they will be getting bigger, so you might want to snag them while they're smaller.  lol

and I leave you with this week's favorite pictures!
(up until last night - lol!)

B turned a year old a month ago, but I just got her smash cake pictures yesterday, and this is one of my faves BY FAR!!

and yesterday, I went to a gender reveal party...and this is how we found out - I just LOVE this picture!!!

It's a boy!!! I'm sooooo over the moon excited for them!!! Some of my most favorite people, hands down!


Sarah said...

Aww! Your little girl is soo cute! Love that tutu! And I've seen a cake for the gender reveal but not balloons. That's a neat idea! :)


Halle said...

Can I please come teach at your school? It looks like you have so much fun!

And I love the picture of B :)

Happy Sunday!

Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

Wolfelicious said...

Love checking out your lesson plans!!! I can tell you love teaching!1


Sarah Paul said...

I love your visual lesson plans! I just added two more things to my shopping cart thanks to you! :)

Sarah's First Grade Snippets

~DeAnne~ said...

Your little one is ADORABLE!
Looks like you have a great week ahead--thanks for sharing your plans :)

First Grade and Fabulous

The Polished Teacher said...

That picture of B is beyond cute! I love the gender reveal pic too! That Pinterest has the greatest ideas!

My favorite part of your post is how you set up your products to be kicked through the field goal. So cute!

Thanks for all the great freebies in your visual plans!


susanlulu said...

Thanks for sharing all the feebies!!!! They are great. Thanks also for sharing your family with others - like me!! I'm a widow with no kids (only 50 though) and LOVE reading others' blogs. THANKS!!

1stTeacherNC said...

Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

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