President's Day Visual Plans

TECHNICALLY, I could have waited to do these plans until Monday, BUT, unlike most of y'all, I actually have to go to work on Monday. Boo. The kids have off, but we have to go for professional development day. Double boo.

So, now I have to cram everything into 4 days....and it's a BIG THEME week.
Triple boo.

BUT, anyway - here are my visual plans for this week - LOTS of good stuff...and some freebies too! the picture of the plans (or click HERE), and it'll take you to a PDF document to download...when you download the PDF, you can click on all the pictures and links to take you where you can find all the activities (TpT, blogposts, websites, or Freebies!)

I'm not quite sure what my new "skill" is for my intervention kids. I just tested them (PSI'd them) and they graduated from short vowels - yay!! (I took about 5 weeks to do the short vowels - and 2/3 of them passed the CVC skill and the blends skill - but they are on the cvcE skill. So I'm thinking that's that I'll be doing, but I'm not sure - so I didn't put in my plans for my intervention group just yet. 

How perfect is it that we're still working with money and it's Presidents' Day!?!

We'll be doing the book from my Learning with Money: Coins pack. It's perfect because it talks about presidents AND symbols! woo!

One of my favorite packs I have for next week is from DeAnne - this pack is great! Lots of activities about U.S. symbols and and actual facts about presidents and symbols. It's great! Y'all should definitely check it out! (HERE) See? I hate doing research, so I LOVE when I can find packs that give me what I need.

Another one of my favorite packs is from Stephanie - COMPLETELY different from DeAnnes - has all kinds of activities. I'm going to be using some of her activities throughout, in addition to her measuring Abe activity in my math centers. Check hers out HERE

Kelley has some awesome crafts in her pack, so I'll be sticking those in there whenever and WHERE ever I can. 

And in other news.... since I knew I wasn't worried about making anything for Pres-Day week, I decided I was going to start updating my stuff from last March. Well, it was my first month of creating and selling - my, oh, my, how much I've learned!


you saw how I have updated and reactivated my Fish Math (formerly, Math with One Fish, Two Fish, but still the same skills)

I also added two more centers to this pack, so make sure you download the revised version if you've already purchased this pack.

Next one is the Math centers, and then I can update the bundle too. I'll let you know when I finish those - hopefully by the end of this week. 

And now I leave you with my favorite pics of the week

For Valentine's Day, I tell my hubs to keep his money for the flowers (although I do love me some tulips! But here in FL, it's hard to have them :-/ boo!) 
BUT, when I was at my meeting (yes, we had an RTI meeting on Vday, which was also the day interims went out - boo!), I came back and found THESE yummy delights on my desk - mmmm...

And my other favorite picture is of A....

She LOVES chasing lizards....well, she just loves being outside. But what makes this picture so perfect is not only is it her catching lizards - but with a Wild Child shirt on. perfect!


~DeAnne~ said...

What a sweet shout out. Thanks so much. I have those other products too and they are a great combination. The strawberries look yummy and I love the picture of your daughter. Have a good week.

Suzy Q said...

Your hubby is so sweet to send you those strawberries at school...they look delicious!

We used to try to catch those little lizards at my grandma's (Palm Harbor) but my mom was the only one who ever caught one. A. must be quick!

Enjoy your week!

Unknown said...

We aren't off tomorrow either. We have a county wide meeting and of course they find the farthest possible school to have it at. Ugh! Love your visual plans!

Swimming into Second

Arlene sandberg said...

My grand kids have school tomorrow , too so I get to babysit only my 2 and 1/2 year old Ella. Thanks so much for the shout out!!!! Love your visual plans!!
LMN Tree

Kelley Cirrito said...

I can't believe you aren't off tomorrow Jen...that is crazy!! We were off on Friday too and the kids were off on Thursday for Parent Teacher Conferences. It looks like you will have a fun week though with your kids!!!

Jenna Frederick said...

We aren't off tomorrow and don't have a PDD. We however do have an early release day on Thursday and off Friday! Just wondering what 3-2-1 is that you talked about in your plans?


Jen R said...

Hey Jenna! I replied to you on my FB but I couldn't tag you :-/
3-2-1 is 3 interesting things/facts 2 things they learned and 1 question you still have :-)

Jenna Frederick said...

Thanks! I searched TPT and found some examples. Is there one you use that you think works best or do you just have the kids use notebook paper to do it? I love the idea!


Jen R said...

Some of the packs I make or bu y have them in there.... if not then I just have them do it in their "learning log" or ill divide a big chart paper and give them post it notes and we'll do a big class chart :-)

Jenna Frederick said...

Thanks so much for the ideas! I love your blog and really enjoy your visual plans. I also teach second grade and you have great ideas!

Jenna Frederick said...

After your post about the different sellers year-round activity packs you have purchased, I purchased Lisa's monthly thematic graphic organizer. I just checked in found a 321 organizer in there that I can use with my kids!

Jen R said...

She does! ! Dont you just love her packs??

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