Winner and A Pep Talk

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn't post the winner last night,  but here is the winner from the "All You Need is Love!"

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I will be emailing you soon!!!

And I wanted to show you something that is one of my NEW favorite videos.

Today our principal showed us this video at our faculty meeting. I just love her - she's so good about trying to keep up the morale. You seriously need to watch this - it made me laugh so hard, and cry too....but I fell in love!

That's it for tonight my friends. Short and sweet.


Primary Paradise said...

We saw this video at our faculty meeting too. So cute.
Primary Paradise

Unknown said...

Looooove that video! I shared your link to it on my Facebook. Soooo cute! :)


amber said...

I LOVE this video! I've watched it several times and haven't grown tired of it! It's so great!

Halle said...

One of my favorites :)

Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

Jessica said...

We say this at our last training. Love it!

Apples and Papers

Unknown said...

I loved the video!I sent it out to my coworkers who definitely need to be pep-talked!

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