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I've been coming across A LOT of great teaching blogs, and have been inspired by a lot of their activities....either taking what I already do and tweaking or just trying new ideas out. I know the teachers I work with all have GREAT ideas too, I just can't make it into their classroom to check them all out!  So I was thinking of sharing them all. I started this blog which is a concoction of teaching ideas and lessons, from Prek-6, but this could and does include homeschoolers and all you CRAFTY people out there. My plan is to post each week - either from my own lessons, or lessons that my friends have sent me, or lessons that I have found on other FABULOUS blogs (which I will give FULL CREDIT to them).  We can get great ideas from grades younger and older than us, taking what they do and tweaking it for our own classroom.

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Tamara L. Chilver said...

Welcome to blogland! It's a lot of fun and sometimes a little addicting. ☺

Teaching Blog Addict
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