Place Value Marshmallows

So, I found this idea on Pinterest (who DOESN'T love pinterest?!) and it took me to one of my favorite blogs, Babbling Abby where I found the Place Value Marshmallows. I tell you what, my kids LOVED it! Well, kids normally love activities with food in them anyway, right? ha! I used a deck of cards to be my "Random Number Generator." The first side of the sheet, I used 2-digit numbers and the back page, I did 3-digit numbers. If I came across a face card, I used that as a "0." For instance if I pulled 3, jack, 5; the number would be 305.

Click HERE to get the form :)  I copied and laminated the mats for the marshmallows to sit on so I could wipe those off and reuse them again.

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