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Here are some of my favorite spots in our classroom - some are ever changing until I figure out exactly how I want it! Just ask my intern, I'm constantly changing it until I get it where I want it.

These drawers are FABULOUS! I used to have each day's papers in a hanging file folder pocket chart. Loved that! Then, when I came back down to 2nd grade, I realized there were too many big, bulky, heavy things and they just wouldn't fit or the pocket chart kept falling. haha! So, I had to reinvent my wheel (again!). And I love it - one drawer for each day, a drawer for my small groups (A & B are the same books/materials as are C&D), one for "to copy/laminate" and one is just for me to keep my extras for down time (yeah right!) or great for sub plans!!!

This is my Reading Corner. On the left are my chapter books on top (alphabetical by author), on the bottom are my picture books (alphabetical by author). The top of the bookshelf on the right are my math picture books (grouped by subject/topic). The next three shelves are my monthly books that go with all the holidays for each month. The bottom shelf is my poetry and fairy tales, all my Cinderellas, etc...The little bookshelf in the middle is my display for my monthly books that I pull out for each holiday. The little basket on the floor goes along with my Read Aloud Book. Whoever the author is that I am reading, I pull more of their books so the students can read more of his/her books. The board in the middle is my Monthly A.R. board. It changes to match the theme or holiday each month. Every time a student takes and A.R. quiz (on a book in their level range - and they know this from using their Reading bookmark I made them all) and scores at least an 80%, they get to put their name on the object for that month - this month it was apples. :)

Oh, I have all the books labeled with the A.R. level and points, and their 100 Book Challenge Level.  

 This white book shelf is my non-fiction shelf and some of my "favorite" series. On top in the baskets I have Junie B. Jones, Mystery A-Z, Magic Tree House, and Magic School Bus. The bottom shelf are my science and social studies books, grouped by topic. 

This table is my Author of the Month table. This month it was Doreen Cronin. I have them out all month. I make a Passport (with the A.R. quizzes) and an author webquest to go with them each month. I want to add some pizzazz to it - any ideas????

This is my Reading Book Road. A few years ago, my friend Amanda and I (when we worked together in 3rd grade) concocted this idea. They decorate their little people each year and they move up the road. Each piece is 20 steps (each step is 15 minutes of reading. I can go into more detail of what the 100 Book Challenge program is on another post. But I LOVE it! I get in my silent reading time every day, I do a mini-lesson each day before they read, and I get to listen to each of my kiddos each week reading aloud to me.) 

These are my center tubs that house my centers each week. The front label can be changed to match whatever the center is for that week. But they take this tub wherever in the room to to work together. 

This is the chart that they choose their centers. Again, the labels can be changed, and they match the center tubs. The holes on the sides are so they know how many people can be at that center. If there is an empty hole, they can choose it that day. They pick 2 centers each day. The clips in the bucket on the floor are what they use to pick their centers. I can go into more detail in another post.  
 This just shows my Lots of labeled drawers!! And this isn't even all of them! ha!


Unknown said...

You are amazing!! I wish you were my teacher!

Jen R said...

aw - thanks! :)

Kristen said...

ooo...Jen! I see you are a Sterilite fan too! I think we both have a plastic storage/labeling problem!!! I love, love, love all of your organization!

Think, Wonder, and Teach said...

What is in all of those little drawers??? I have the same OCDness issue so have been collecting containers as I find them onsale. =)

Are the children able to reshelf your library in the current setup or do you have to do it?

Author of the month: one of my great pinterest finds was the use of trifold boards as bulleting boards. They are great for things like author of the month as you can create a whole display with a mini bio, pictures of the author and books, you can even set it up as a center to interact with. Then at the end of the month it folds up and can easily be stored till next year. I have one pinned for JK Rawling as a sample.

Thanks for sharing this with me. Can't wait to see the redo!

Misty @
Think, Wonder, & Teach

Jen R said...

misty - yes! I use paint sticks with numbers on them...each student has a number in my when they take a book, they put their stick in that book's spot, so they know exactly where to put it! It's not a perfect system, but for the most part, it works well :)

In the drawers are all kinds of supplies...rulers, vis-a-vis, markers, pencils, decks of cards, math manipulatives, word-work center manipulatives (like magnets, cubes,etc), all kinds of things!! mostly things that we use throughout the year.

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