Obseussed with Dr. Seuss

Ok, so I have an obsession with Dr. Seuss in my room. It used to be monkeys in my room, but is progressively evolving into Dr. Seuss (which is actually perfect, because the colors are red, white, and black - fabulous for my other faves - ladybugs and pirates - hehe!).
One of our new teachers at our school, who was an intern in our grade last year (yay for her getting a job!), knows that I <3 Dr. Seuss. She had ordered herself a Dr. Seuss lamp shade and accidently ordered TWO...she's SO sweet, she gave me the lamp shade AND told me her idea of what she was going to do with it. When I couldn't find the lamp at my "dollar store," she stopped by the one next to her house and even got me that. So I painted the white lamp with red stripes, and now it's on my reading table with my Build-A-Bear Cat in the Hat (which id not my only Dr. Seuss character in my room - thank you Kohls! lol).

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