Flip Flip Math

I found this cute math activity on Pinterest; Flip Fop Math- basically the associative property. We used it for addition, but we might revisit it later for subtraction, and it SURELY can be used for multiplication and division. I just made the outline templates out of cardstock (actually, I think I used old file folders that were lying around- hey, gotta reuse, reduce, and recycle as much as possible, right?!). Then, had the kids trace and cut out their flops (wow -was I surprised at the lack of some motor skills there - we will be doing LOTS of cutting activities to help improve that). Then, they chose 2 cards out of my deck of playing cards (I use decks of cards A LOT in math - and they are GREAT random number generators). They had to tell me both of the math facts that they were going to write on their flops. My intern and I put the ribbon to make the thong part of the flops, but you can use more construction paper.


Theresa said...

Found your blog through the TBA linky party. I am a new follower. I can't wait to try the flip flops.


Jen R said...

Hi! And I hope your kids have as much with it as mine!

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