Spider Week - reading, writing, crafting

Spider week! 

There are so many great books - but these are just some of the ones I set out in bookshelf for the kids to read through, and that I might read throughout the week. 

For small groups - I'll use Reading A-Z, like usual. I pretty much use their books all the time because I can find thematic books all kinds of different levels. 

For centers, I'll post the link to Storyline Online reading Sophie's Masterpiece and have the kids do a reading response that goes with our standards for the week.

Another listening center will be to listen to BookFlix Diary of a Spider and a Spiderling Grows Up. 

Throughout the week, we work through vocabulary - this one is one of my favorites "camouflage" - giving them cut outs of different color spiders and they have to think of a way to camouflage their spider. 

We also add it into our SPELLING JOURNALS 

As we read more nonfiction books, we add to our Tree Map

Then they start writing out their research. 

One of the crafts we do, if we have time, is create their own spider webs and spiders - you'd be surprised at how hard making those spider webs are! But I love how they come out. 

We like to throw in some math in there every so often too.

Ooh! And some poetry! We work on rhyming, verbs, adjectives, and of course fluency! 

Here are some of the CENTERS we do - this has changed over the years, since we started having 1 to 1 laptops, I was able to add in some other activities and research. 

One of the fun things we do for our grammar lesson, working on prepositions, is our Spider Walk Book! . I get THESE RINGS, and they last a few years. Totally worth it, because it just makes the book so much more fun! 

Click the picture below to grab your FREE BOOK.

Oh, and at the end of the week? We celebrate with SPIDER DONUTS

I just love teaching in October! 


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