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It's fall! I am pretty excited for the cooler weather to (slowly) make its way back... but I know it'll be short lived. I mean, Florida falls are ever changing!

BUT, I've gotten a few things from Amazon lately that I thought I'd share - some are great for school, but mostly I bought them for home. 

Ok - I'm constantly needing an eye glass repair kit for the screws in my glasses and sunglasses, so I bought THIS 3-pack... one for my bag, the house, and work! 

I'm trying out a new heat protectant for my hair - so far, I like it! 

These bats are fun to have around the house! Just a bit of advice, use 2 sticker strips for the larger bats. 

These fun little waffle/pancake makers are SO cute! My girls are loving them. 

And I got THESE and THESE pillow covers - I had to get one set for fall, and one set for Halloween

I bought THESE pillows and instead of having to store all the pillows, I just have to store the pillow covers - so much better! And after reading a bunch of reviews, I went with a size SMALLER in the covers than what I bought the pillows, that way it makes them stuffed better - otherwise reviewers said that there was a lot of extra room. 



So that's it for my Amazon finds lately - I'm sure I'll be back with more! 

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