Planning for Owl Week

Next week is one of my new favorite weeks of October! I added in Owls a few years ago - and my kids LOVE it! 

Let's take a look at some things I do during the week. 

I use a lot of Readworks and Reading A-Z. Readworks is free for educators and I use their articles all the time!  For this article - They found the main idea and the details that support that main idea. 

Then they wrote out a main idea/detail writing...or you could have them do some research on PebbleGo and do a nonfiction writing. 

We do a drawing from Art for Kids Hub on YouTube, then I let them do watercolor painting. I LOVE how they turn out! 

We end the week with dissecting OWL PELLETS!! I get the from OBDK - and I found some bone charts so they can sort them. They have SO much fun with these! 

Some other things we do during the week - we do another class book...

And during centers, I add in a Label and Write About it page. These are great of differentiating! 

And of course they do some of the October Centers. I also have 1st Grade HERE.

Have a great weekend! 


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