October Adult Book Review

I've got quite the variety of books for you! Something from every genre almost...except one of my favorites; psychological thrillers. I just love a good page turner that stumps me at the end. But this month, I didn't get to one of those.

I've been in quite a book slump before this, having read a few duds (to me), but I'm happy to report I gave all of these 4 stars and one of them was my 1st 5 star of the year! 

It was a story about 2 women who accidently cross paths - but then find out that they are connected in some ways. It took place in 3 different times of the girls' life, all stemming from one event in a summer long ago. You would think this would be a light chick lit, judging a book by it's cover...and author. I've read a few of her books now - but this one is a little deeper than that. I liked it! I gave it 4 stars. 

Oh Boy. This one tugged at my heart. It takes place in 1942, during the war in Europe. The characters are Russian Refugees. It talk about life during the war, life in camps in Poland, surviving that life, and the life after. I was so emotionally involved with the characters I had a hard time stopping. SUCH a good book - my first 5 stars of the year!!

Whew! I went from the intense book to this lighthearted book. I needed an emotional break. ha! This one definitely made me thing of the royal family we know today - Kate, Meghan, Harry, William... it's from the perspective of the American girl who is going through life with her twin (two totally different girls) and gets intertwined with the royal family. It was cute! 

Oh, boy. Matthew McConaughey. How I could listen to you talk all. day. long. He is SUCH a great storyteller. You HAVE to do this one as an audiobook. There is no other way to enjoy this book as it is meant to be. It was such a good book.

I actually no idea what this book was about. It was a free one on KindleUnlimited. Turns out, it was actually translated into English, so there was a lot of German words and European references throughout the book, which I thought made it more interesting. It starts off with two characters, living two different lives, but their lives will cross, while Johnathon is following the planner he finds, to live his perfect life. 

Well, that's it for this this month's books! I'll be back next month with more.

Happy Reading! 


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