October Fun - FREEBIES

Holy. Cannoli.

October is just a whirl wind!! It's super crazy, in the teacher world and the mom world. I'm not sure which direction I'm going anymore - does anyone else feel that way??

I just wanted to drop in a share a few things that we've been doing... I haven't blogged about anything we've done in October yet... but you can check out some older posts I've done for October. (some of these are 1st grade, but some have links from when I taught 2nd gradet too!)

We've had a lot of fun learning with....

and Owls!  
(You can see some older posts on each of those by click on those links...)

Today we read the book, Monster Trouble, and did a prediction activity to go with it. I'm really trying to get them to USE THE TEXT to help them answer questions... WHY oh why is it so hard to do? 

You can click HERE to grab the Monster Trouble Prediction paper. 

We also took some time to review 2-digit numbers, since we're adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers now... it's always good to review!

You can click HERE to download the template. 

 And this week, we'll be doing a lot of Pumpkin activities!! You can see previous years' activities in THIS post.

We'll be working a LOT in our Pumpkin Book...

And for our actual Pumpkin Day, we'll be doing a few of these activities...

Tomorrow is Halloween and our school is doing Book-O-Ween... I'm dressing up as the witch from Room on the Broom - who would you dress up as??


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