Bat Week

Last week, we did one of my favorite weeks of the whole year! BAT WEEK!! 

Instead of posting a lot of the same pictures that we did last year, I'll just let you go to last year's post and peruse that for a little bit. There was some tons of fun to be had! Click the {HERE} to check out last year's bat activities. You can check out what I did when I taught 2nd grade {HERE} and {HERE}.

But I also wanted to share something new we did this year. I changed up our craft a little bit. I used Deanna's Bat craft from her Bat's Unit.  I loved doing this craft! you know why?? Because there are NO tracers!! 

 Say What?!!?

Yep. No tracers. She gives you exact measurements of the papers that you need, and then you tell/show the kids what to do to make the craft!

They came out so cute!!

And yes, there were some that clearly need help following directions...or help with spacial sense...or both. But, we still hung those up all the same, right?!

Added them to our "Bat Facts" wall outside the door.  These facts hanging up and mosquitos on a plate are from Jodi... I got them many moons ago! {HERE}

Also - Just wanted to share, I FINALLY got the 1st grade Math for November finished, which means the 1st grade November bundle is up!! Yay!! :)

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