Monthly Window Clings

So I have to share with you something we did today that I just fell in love with!!

I got the idea from Marsha's post on Instagram (from a Differentiated Kindergarten). I don't think hers were window clings, but they were still super cute and were the inspiration for mine.

I have this HUGE wall of window, that I LOVE, but I find when I hang up the kids' art and writing, it ends up really faded by the time I take it down, and I always feel super bad about it. But this could at least take up the bottom of the windows, and if they get faded, it's okay, because they aren't taking them home afterwards, anyway.

Ok....Super simple - are you ready??

I quickly traced a random heart I had lying around the room, and and cut it out and then cut out the insides (Normally, I don't do ANY of the tracing/cutting for my kids, but it was a last minute ordeal and I wanted them to be pretty "perfect" - especially on the inside). I also cut out the tissue paper. Guys, listen. Cutting tissue paper is one of my least favorite tasks. I'm about to break down and buy pre-cut tissue paper squares in all the colors I can find. lol

I also cut out squares of contact paper that were bigger than the hearts. 

The students peeled the contact paper, and put the heart on the sticky side.

Then they just layered the tissue paper squares all around the inside. 

Once they were finished with that, I trimmed around the edges, leaving a little bit of a border so that I could use that as the "tape" to put it in the windows.  It's super simple and takes NO time!! And it's a quick Friday afternoon activity, or even a morning activity as they trickle in. 

I love these SO much, I've decided that I need to do them every month. I mean, they are so perfect for this bottom little window area I have in my big window area. 

So here is my thinking for the rest of the months... let me know if you think of something different?! I'll be using different shades of colors in all of them, just like I did for the hearts.

September - Apples
October - Pumpkins
November - Leaves
December - Evergreen Trees
January - (I'm not sure on this one... maybe snowmen? But it'd be all white...)
February - Hearts
March - Shamrock 
April - (Stumped on this one too...Maybe an umbrella??)
May - Flower - or a SUN, since it's our last month of the year and in Florida, we're pretty hot by then anyway....

I hope this is something you can do in your room... it's SO cute, and the kids really love seeing their art hanging up there.


Unknown said...

Maybe rain drops in April since "April showers bring May flowers"?
Or... if you commonly do a unit in April, something related to that?
Or... have students come up with their own design for both April and May since they have been working on them all year.

SillyTeacher said...

January: we did snowflakes and used light blue and white tissue paper.

April: baby chicks 🐥

Laura Park said...

Mittens for January!

Unknown said...

January- Snowflakes
April- Easter eggs

Unknown said...

This is such a great idea. I have loads I want to do for Halloween now! Guess I'm a bit late (or early) for that one. That ks for this I'm all excited to try it out!

CL said...

I would also add various other shapes for teachers doing different themes.
- mittens, clouds, teeth, flag (open for all), rainbow, penguin shape,etc...

How much contact paper do you need to do an entire class? It would come from my personal budget.

Unknown said...

How about rainbows for those April showers

Unknown said...

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