Valentine's Week Wrap Up.

Valentine's is DONE and OVER!

Woohoo! Honestly, I can't wait to pack it all up and move on.

I know... I'm so "heartless." haha!

But, here's a recap of what we did the last few days/week to get ready for the "big day."

To start with, we made our heart window clings... which I'm in LOVE with.

Then we started on our Valentine's cards. I can't even say enough, of how cute they are!

And while I was out sick, my kids did a day of Love, Splat! They LOVE Splat. So it was a perfect book to leave for sub plans for the day. 

We also made our class book for the week - Who Will Be My Valentine? which goes perfectly with Who Will Be My Valentine This Year?  My Kids LOVE making Class Books! Check more out HERE

Something else we did today was one of my favorite poems for visualizing and using details in a text... Monster Love! This poem comes from DeeDee's February Poetry Pack.  We practiced it a few times, then talked about what words describe the monster to help you visualize...

Just look at all these awesome looking Love Monsters.... they're all so different and so creative. 

Sometimes we do a walkabout after we do illustrations to match our poems...they BEGGED to do a walkabout on this one so they could see everyone's monsters. 

And finally... we did our Candy Heart Math!! They kids ALWAYS love this.

When they finished their booklet, They had to see how many hearts they could stack... They got pretty high, but with all the desk bumping going on, not sure who got the tallest stack. ha!

FINALLY, it was time to hand out the Valentine's! woohoo!!

Look at this amazing creation one of the parents made!! So amazing!!

and look at these amazing HOMEMADE Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! Not ashamed to admit... they didn't make it home to share with my husband. Woops!

And finally... One of my students gave me this little gem. It's so I'll remember him forever....and forever I will remember him.... but aside from that, I think this is my new classroom mascot. haha! It's perfect, right??


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