Sub Plans in February

So, these last few weeks, our whole house (minus the husband) has taken their turn at being sick. Thankfully, with Ron's job, he's home most of the time, or he can easily call out last minute, with no problem...BUT he can only do that so often. So, last week I had to take off because Autumn was on day 3 of being sick still.

Luckily, I had some things from Love, Splat that I could just print, prep, and be done! And THIS is where I had my epiphany....after 15 years if teaching. haha!

Don't try to make the sub be ME while I'm gone... just give them a bunch of activities that don't go with the lessons I'm actually doing... so it won't bother me that I have to come back and reteach or fix what I left for them to do...because let's be honest. As teachers, we are CONTROL FREAKS... no matter how awesome the sub is, they just aren't me. Right??

So that's when I decided to just take one of my book packs I have for February, and turn it into my all-day sub plans! Super easy to plan that way, too!

(note - these are NOT laid out as sub plans in the pack... you still have to write the sub plans and pick and choose the activities you want to leave for the sub.)

My kids LOVE Splat. He's one of their favorites, so I knew that he would keep their attention while I was gone.

I just printed up a bunch of different activities and told her to pick and choose which ones that she wanted to do - I explained each one (and already had examples from last year, so that was convenient!) on the sub plan sheet that I had prepared and put in the box...and let her have it. 

She did the summarizing page (which I didn't take a picture of for some reason)... where they wrote and illustrated part of the summary.

She also chose to do the sequencing activity.

And I'm so happy - she chose to do the connection writing! 

Because that means, she did the craft, that I get to hang up!!

There were a few other activities she did with them, but I didn't get pictures of them.
But, doing sub plan THIS way just makes life so much easier.  It doesn't matter how good the sub is, they just aren't YOU, so you always have to go back and fix things... or reteach. This way, she wasn't really teaching anything that I was doing - so I didn't have to worry about if it was done correctly or not. I have just succumbed to the fact that I can NOT expect subs to keep going the way I do, so this even make coming back from being gone less stressful.  

(note - these are NOT laid out as sub plans in the pack... you still have to write the sub plans and pick and choose the activities you want to leave for the sub.) 

Click the picture below to get it from my TPT Store!


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