Fun with WORMS!

Worms is one of the kids' FAVORITE units. For real.

This is a prime example of high interest learning.

If you think your kids won't like it because it's gross...or ewwww!

You. Are. Wrong.

All kids love worms. Now, I do have a few that didn't want to touch them. But they loved watching them and looking at them, and watching their friends play with them.

I mean, just look at my Autumn. She LOVES worms.

She was pretty excited when she saw the worm cup sitting on my table before school one morning.

So to start off our week, I always do a schema chart (on non-fiction topics)...and we add in the "inquiring minds want to know) section.

Then through out the week, I will read some of these books....

But the REAL excitement comes when I dump out the worms!!!

Then we make a worm habitat..

I call it the "Shady Worm Hotel" haha - so clever, aren't I???

Then, after a few days, we take off the cover and see their burrows.

We also work on some adjectives, using the poem.  

And, of course, we can't go through the week without reading Diary Of a Worm, right?! I actually show it on Bookflix, because it is SO cute!

And we do a little compare and contrast on the ficiton vs. nonfiction.

This is the kids making "vibrations" because that is how the worms know something is coming...since they don't have eyes or ears.

a little diagram action....

Then it is time to do some planning...

So they can write their informational text.  The worm craft comes from {Rowdy in Room 300}

Under their writing, they put their diagram of a worm.

Last year, they did it a little differently..... but still super cute!

Then at the end of the week, we said our one last goodbye to the worms.

Talked about all our new learning - and if we could answer any of our questions we had in the beginning of the week.

We also made our Measurement Folder. I like making folders for our units. It just seems "complete" or something, I don't know. lol

After we finished our unit, they got to trace their foot and hand to cut out and glue on the front of their folder.

These activities are in my {Worm Unit} too. 

For the measurement worms, I have these: 

The kids love using them every year! If you don't have them, I have given you measurement worms to use in the pack. :)

These next few activities came from {Reagan's Measurement pack}

So worms may not be your favorite thing, but trust me. They WILL be your students'. Give it a try! Your kids will love it... and they will get so much from the week!


Suzy Q said...

Wish me luck...not only am I moving to fifth next year, but one of the science units has worms in it! I am less than thrilled about both prospects...better start wrapping my head around the move!

Admin said...

Thank's for sharing. I like this

Laura said...

We love worms in PreK as well. We pour dirt in our sensory bin and put a bunch of worms in it. Great fun for the kids. I just always need to know how many worms went in so I can set that many worms free at the end of the week.

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