Animal Teeth

February is Dental Month.

But I feel like our Kindergarten teachers do a really good job with that. 

So I don't really focus too much on the taking care of our teeth, though I do talk about it and do some writing with it.

Since we JUST got finished with our {Dinosaur unit}...

(this idea comes from Deanna's Dinosaur unit)

I tend to focus more on types of teeth, and what they need them for. 

I like to read the book, What if I Had Animal Teeth.

We talk about what kinds of animals need which kinds of teeth, which we use {THIS} poem for. 

Then we make "notes" for each type of animal and they illustrate the teeth.

Then they get to choose which animal teeth they would want! I found some free teeth patterns {HERE} so I just kept my list of animals to those.

They put the writing with their craft and they come out SO cute!

Grab the freebies for this activity {HERE} from First Grade Wow and {HERE} from Oceans o First Grade.

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